Why does Newcastle Homes offer design services?

Our clients demand the capability of customizing the home to suit their family’s particular needs and lifestyle. This means that it is always a high priority that we take into account all of the different aspects of their lifestyle to make sure that we build a home that will work for many years to come. In order to meet this market demand and to facilitate a more efficient build process, we offer in-house design service. Often times when clients use an outside designer they can find themselves waiting for long period of time to get the original design back and edits to the design take more time than if we just do all of the design ourselves. Many times outside designers do not offer the ability to look at the designs in a comprehensible 3D format. Another great advantage to our design service is that clients work with our designers face-to-face, in real time, and view changes live and in 3D rather than just looking at a blueprint and trying to imagine the feel of the final space.

Our Design Services Include:

  • Help you choose a good initial floor plan that meets your spatial and budgetary, and lifestyle needs.
  • We take time to specifically design the exterior front of the home to insure that the curb appeal of the home matches the clients vision and expectations.
  • We then select all of the colors, materials, and decorative details that will be used on both the interior and exterior of the home.

What kind / how many floor plans do you work off of?  

Our floor plan selection is nearly limitless, since all of our homes are customized and modified to each client’s needs and desires.  As a starting point we allow our clients to browse our extensive portfolio of plans and projects. We specialize in open floor plan designs, where the flow of the home is unrestricted, and the homes feel open, spacious and inviting. Many of our clients ask us to build them a repeat of one of our floor plans, in these case we will change the exterior of the home so that each project looks unique and not simply copied. Other times we work to piece together aspects of multiple homes to get the perfect custom fit that will flow and work for your families needs.

Styles of Homes that we commonly work with:

  • Urban Farmhouse Styles
  • Traditional Styles
  • Craftsman Styles
  • French Country Styles
  • Tudor Styles


How custom can we go?

Even though we have multiple styles of homes that we build, we can mix and match styles to meet the client’s preferences, our clients are as unique as our designs.  Some of clients prefer a hands-off, turn-key design process where they allow us to use our creativity and ability to pick colors and textures. In those cases we are happy to use our experience and creativity to craft beautifully finished homes. If the client wants to get into all of the finer details of designing the custom aspects of the home we welcome that as well. We are happy to work with our clients at any level of customization.

Some examples for the different customization features we can add are:

  • Doggie doors and pet showers
  • Indoor sport courts
  • Theater rooms
  • Media Rooms
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Covered Patios and Porches
  • Steam Showers
  • Saunas
  • Car lifts in the garage
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Built-in Bookshelves
  • Custom Fireplaces and Mantels
  • These are just some of the extras that we’ve added to our client’s homes.


What are the steps in the design process?   

The design process can be quite complicated and involved, however, the system and process that we use makes it very easy to follow for our clients. We like to break it down by first finalizing the exterior colors and details.  After that, we break down the interior process to manageable chunks starting with flooring and tile. Then electrical lights and switches follow. Trim work details and door styles come next. Then, the final details such as cabinet colors and style, countertops and backsplashes wrap it up.

How long does the design process take typically?

Even though it is advantageous to complete the design as quickly as possible, we allow the design process to occur inline with the construction process. This typically allows us to complete homes quickly and efficiently as compared to other builders that do not offer this streamlined approach. The design process is typically a month to six weeks and we meet once per week for the duration of the design process. The size of the project and the level of customization can impact the duration of the design stage.

Is the design process done completely in-house?  

The design process is mostly handled in-house.  Since we allow clients to choose flooring and tile from a few outside vendors, those vendors will aid our clients in designing and finalizing their design choices for those materials.

What are the common sticking points in the design process to be aware of?  

The biggest and most common sticking point in the design process occurs when clients begin to overthink and overanalyze design elements.  Our clients want to have the best and most beautiful home on the block, and we love to make those dreams to come through. Just like cooking and all other forms of art, sometimes you just have to stop and realize what you have is just right.

How does Newcastle Homes do the design process differently from other builders?

The Newcastle Homes design process is different from other builders because we handle the design in-house and face to face.  Other builders ask their clients to first interact with an architect or designer, and only then, the estimating and planning begins.  We like to sit with our clients and actively design and plan the house around the client’s needs and within the client’s budget. We constantly have people bring us blueprints that are full of features that are not cost effective and would blow the project budget out of the water.

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