Why do you build custom?  

At Newcastle Homes we build custom homes because we are passionate and love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends on each house we build. We love building unique structures and homes that can really catch your eye. At Newcastle Homes we set the bar higher with each house that we build and we take great pride in attention to the details that matter, that stand out, and engage all the senses.  What really sets Newcastle Homes apart is not just throwing in more and more “stuff”, it is the proper use of size, texture and color of details in the proper location for maximum effect. Just adding “more” is not always better, it takes a touch that has been honed over many years of proper construction.

What makes Newcastle a better option than other builders out there?

Newcastle Homes is constantly try to learn and improve upon every house that we build.  We attend conferences, training seminars and trade shows to continuously improve our knowledge and skills. We work with consultants to hone our craft and professionalism as a business. This shows on all the homes that we build for our clients.  We frequently receive calls from prospective homeowners that would like to build their dream home and when we ask “how did you know we built that home?” the answer is always that your homes, “look more put together”. Balance, symmetry and proportion is a very important part of curb appeal. The balance of many homes is predicated on the use of details such as gables, the pitch of the roof, materials such as architectural shingles or standing seam metal roofs, we pride ourselves in thinking of everything through the clients eyes. For great curb appeal we pay attention to heights of windows, cladding on the exterior walls such as stone, brick, shake and board and batten features.  This is always done by first listening to what our clients vision is at Newcastle Homes no stone goes unturned in our assessments of our clients needs and wants.

What experience does your team have with custom?  

Rim, one of the principals and founder, has been building custom projects for over 25 years.  Dar, the other principal and founder, has been building custom homes for 18 years. One of our dedicated team members, Jason who is our project manager, has been in the custom building field for 15 years.  Mimi, our office manager, has 5 years experience in new custom home construction. Over the last 18 years Newcastle Homes has had the opportunity to build over 100 custom homes. We encourage anyone who is reading this to go and check out our testimonials and reviews from our satisfied clients.

How do you manage the process smoothly?  

We use an online scheduling and selection software, that includes mobile access.  With this system clients can monitor the project budget to make sure that everything is staying on track financially with their project. Using the software clients always comment on the ease of making any and all color, material and style selections throughout the process of building the home. At Newcastle Homes we are constantly updating the software with the latest competed part of the process so that our clients can login and monitor what is happening with their dream home at any given time. We also use the software for communicating with clients and team members and quickly and efficiently, it is all at the client’s fingertips either online or by using the mobile app.  We also have a 3D viewer app so clients can review in 3 dimensions the home that we are building for them. This helps to remove the guesswork that would happen if you were only building off of a flat paper blueprint. We find that offering these benefits to our clients can help them to really visualize what we are designing and make decisions much more quickly and with better accuracy.

Where do you typically build?  

Our primary focus is the Lake county area of Northwest Indiana, but we also build in Porter County.  We can build on properties that clients own or on any one of our many lots. Some of our most desirable subdivisions in Crown Point are Copper Creek and Ellendale Farms.  In St. John, our best subdivisions are The Preserves, Greystone, Renaissance and Lake Hills. Many of our lots are wooded and have private, secluded backyards.

What price ranges do you build most and what features and benefits does that include?  

Our typical price range is between 500k and 800k.  At this price level we include 9’ deep basements, quartz countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and 3 car garages.

What are the steps to building a home once the design has been decided on?  

After the initial design is complete the next step is to begin selecting colors and materials for the exterior of the home.  Then, we will confirm with you the plumbing and electrical requirements and design details that you have. We will schedule and on-site walkthrough to discuss all electrical switches and light placement locations in order to get the home’s systems work your furniture.  Next is the interior color and material selection process. At this point we will ask you to meet with our flooring and tile suppliers. There, you’ll be able to designate your flooring selections and create your desired tile patterns and placement. Following hard surface selection we will ask you to finalize interior trim material styles, and cabinet colors and styles. Then, countertop selection and paint selections follow.  As your homes nears completion, we will conduct a final walk-through to inspect the home for all fit and finish issues that need to be addressed. Finally, we schedule the closing and hand over the keys.

How long should the process take?  

The build process with us typically takes about 5 months.  The fastest and smoothest running projects happen when clients complete the selection choices ahead of schedule.  However, there are many factors which can affect the project duration, especially weather.

What kind of communication or updates can clients expect throughout the process?  

Our team will respond to questions and concerns within an hour, during normal business hours.  Our project app has a very useful messaging system that works like a cross between texting and email.  Communications between clients and team members are typical visible to all other team members, which allows for efficient dissemination of information.

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