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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

The top Northwest Indiana home builders are found at Newcastle homes. They are unsurpassed in their ability to successfully listen to their clients and deliver on time and on budget a work of art. They do this all with the customer’s complete satisfaction in mind in every step of the process they hold their hand to make sure the house is constructed exactly how the customer wants. The art of building well is a motto here at Newcastle home. They are dedicated and passionate about construction and design of new homes. They are the industry-leading construction/design firm and they constantly produce beautiful homes that exceed their clients expectations and dreams.

They accomplish much of this because their ability to actually listen and know what the homeowner wants incorporated into their dream home. Or on the other end know what not to include in order to stay on budget and on time. From the get-go you can tell Newcastle homes know what they’re doing and it’s evident that there passion for customer satisfaction is seen in every detail that goes into the construction and designing of a new home. Newcastle homes began their journey in 2000, the top Northwest Indiana home builders who are brothers, rim and dar started Newcastle homes with the vision to help customers be able to afford and build the homes of their dreams.

Rim most construction experience as he started back in 1993 doing luxury home and condominium designs. With a focus on flow and functionality you can see this common thread still today. He has created innovative kitchen and extremely unique path rooms in master bedrooms. His brother got his mechanical engineering degree in 1992 and worked for nine years as an engineer. It was in 2001 when the brothers lives forever changed for the positive. They started Newcastle homes and haven’t looked back, leaving a long line of extremely satisfied clients. And you too can join this long line of satisfied customers, visit their website to check out their beautiful portfolio showcasing many past projects. Or go to the testimonials page and read what other extremely happy and satisfied customers have to say about Newcastle homes.

Since their founding witches over 17 years ago and Schererville Indiana, the brothers have continuously built high quality custom homes with awe inspired designs that add to the loveliness of their natural surroundings. They always try and improve and learn more on construction methods and techniques in order to deliver the most efficient and best possible finish products to their clients. Their customer satisfaction is their bottom line, this is unlike most other construction companies that do not treat the customer with mutual respect. This alone makes Newcastle homes the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders.

Newcastle homes built their homes with their customer at the center of everything. They are extremely trustworthy and have years of experience that will let them offer you peace of mind and know that your house is being built by the best custom home builders in the nation.

Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders | This is what home should feel like

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Newcastle homes, is what your home should feel like. Extremely welcoming and comfy, they meticulously plan every detail throughout the design and construction process in order to construct your dream home all on time and on budget. Most of their homes range from $400,000-$800,000, but they can work with almost any budget to get you into your dream home. Based in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area, they have several subdivisions in Crown point and St. John, Indiana. Newcastle home are quite passionate about the construction and design of fully customize one-of-a-kind works of art.

They are the top Northwest Indiana in the inner industry-leading construction design that won’t stop striving to produce the their clients dream of. In fact the usually exceed their customers expectation and knock it out of the park every time. Listening is extremely important to Newcastle homes as they must understand the lifestyle and desires of their customer. They see beauty in everything that it deftly shows when they built their homes have no detail was left untouched. Each and every home that Newcastle construct is highly energy efficient in custom tailor-made for the individual who purchases the home.

At the very core and is trust, respect and flowing creativity all of these are used as a foundation on which their custom homes are built. When you sign up with the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands and will be taken care of every step along. They are stationed out of the greater Chicago area and you business northwestern. But they also offer clients who live out of town and you comfortability to manage their projects using a online construction software program. And then clients that live in Chicago will have the ability to meet at their Located in the city.

The top Northwest Indiana builders know it sometimes very difficult for their customers to visualize what the finished work of their house will look like. So they have started using 3-D rendered models that will show exactly what the clients home is going to look like after construction is completed. There will be Noga’s game at the end and they will cover everything with a fine comb to make sure no details have been left out. They will work with you on every step away from picking out colors to picking out materials the homeless built out of. But they will also work however the customer prefers, some once a hands-off approach and simply want the keys once the home is finished, while others prefer to be involved throughout the whole process. Whichever type customer you are rest assured that they will work with you in your satisfaction in mind.

These new virtual walk-throughs of these 3-D rendered models take the new home construction industry to a whole new era. This gives the customer a unique advantage on being able to see exactly what their home will look like. No other competitors in the area utilizes 3-D models and thus separating Newcastle homes as the top Northwest Indiana home builders. So buy with confidence when you go to Newcastle homes. You can check out and get a little more information on the processes or can contact them online to request a meeting. Or if you like you can get them a call at 219-281-6161 and they’ll be more than happy to help you for any questions, concerns, or comments you may have in regards to constructing your new dream house.