At Newcastle Homes, we know that it is of the utmost importance to make sure that your home is not only energy-efficient but also tailor-made to meet your needs. A big problem with some of the other custom home builders, is that they do not listen to what the customer wants, and then apply it and make what they need in their home. Because of this, this makes us the Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders.

We do the importance of listening to the desires of our homeowners, and we believe in the beauty of every little detail. We work diligently to incorporate any client-specific elements. With our core values of trust, respect, and creativity, as the foundation to all of our homes, we know that these things, as well as the actual homes we make, are what make us the Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders.

We have industry experience going back to 1993, Rim’s luxury home and condominium designs produced exquisite layouts with effortless flow and functionality. After earning his degree in mechanical engineering, Dar spent the next nine years as an accomplished engineer. Together these two brothers have been able to accomplish excellent feet that no other homebuilder has been able to do. This along with the fact that they have an on time and the budget guarantee makes them the Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders.

Because Newcastle Homes does custom home construction, custom design, as well as 3D rendering walk-throughs they are sure to give you the most bang for your buck by offering the most services. While most custom home builders do not even try to make the process simple for their clients, we make sure that you understand every step and that it is easy to follow. We make sure to break it down by first finalizing the exterior colors and details, and then we break down the interior process to manageable chunks starting with the flooring and the tiling. This will allow us to complete homes quickly and efficiently compared to other builders that do not offer a streamlined approach. Our process typically takes a month to six weeks and we meet with you once per week for the duration of the entire design process. The size and level of customization, of course, can impact the duration of this design stage.

While the design process is mostly handled in-house we do allow some clients to choose flooring and tile from a few outside vendors, these vendors will help aid our clients in designing and finalizing the design choices for those materials. We want to make sure that we are allowing you to have the most customization possible for your dream home. We know that there should be no compromising for your dream and your vision. Now is the time to give us a call at 219-281-6161 or visit us at to get in touch with us about creating your dream home today.

Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders | In What Areas Do You Service?

We know that a lot of custom home builders are going to only service their area, however, we are making sure that we serve more people outside of just our immediate circle. We do business in the greater Chicago and even the Northwestern Indiana regions, we do also offer out-of-town clients the ability to not only view but also the ability to manage and track projects, remotely on our website using our online software. We know that being able to provide these essential and crucial services is what helps make us the Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders.

We know that not everyone can get on a plane and travel to wherever the home-office is of the homebuilders. We take our responsibility very seriously on being able to provide people out-of-town the ability to still build their dream home. We know that there is no other home builder that is going to do this for you, which of course makes us the Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders. We offer an online gallery that allows people who are not able to come up, to view all of the homes and designs that we have made. This allows you to stay at home and look at all of our models without even leaving your couch.

We know that your time is extremely and that every ounce of time should be used to spend with your friends and family. We want you to spend an as little amount of time as possible trying to plan and customize your house. The way we can help you do this is with the streamlined process that we have perfected, that no one else has. We know that our reviews reflect that we are the Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders. We know however that we need to stay humble and make sure we hold ourselves accountable. We do this by making sure we use only the highest quality notorious and make sure we run everything by you first get your approval before it even goes into that house.

With all of our advanced renderings and innovative technologies that we offer we know that the 3D tours of your house will blow your mind. We also want to know just all that we offer. We not only offer free construction financing, and patios, but also an on time and the budget guarantee, 3D home design, virtual walkthroughs, custom designing, and building, and you can even see it in person with our model homes. We made sure that our online gallery is chock-full of all of the variety of different styles that we have been able to make. We know that we can help you customize your dream home to the highest degree, whether that means cutting and pasting from other styles or building it from scratch.

You can give us a call today at 219-281-6161 or visit to get a free estimate today on what your dream home is going to take. We are going to promise that we are going to go out on every single premium to make sure that your dream home is built with the best materials and in an unbelievable amount of time. We know that we are going to make sure that we below your expectations on the water, and you’re going to want to tell your friends about us.