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When searching for innovation, stunning design and layout for your next new home, look no further than Newcastle Homes! We have over 17 years of experience when it comes to building homes and we’re excited about building your next home. Simply by doing business with us, we will give you a free covered patio. It’s a great offer from us! For this patio is great because you’ll be able to enjoy your home outside and enjoy your home inside as well. We want to make your home a place that your family and friends absolutely love coming to and be thrilled to step foot in. So give us a call today to find the top Northwest Indiana home builders. Give us a call today at (219) 281-6161 or visit

We understand that building the perfect home takes time. With us you can expect your home to be completed within five months. We try to make this process as smooth and as fast as possible. We give you the latest designs and we give you the latest technology as well. To find top Northwest Indiana home builders, look no further than us. You’ll be so glad that you made the decision to give us a call. You’ll find that we have color choices, interior and exterior design choices for you as well. Our goal is to build a home of your dreams within your budget.

You also enjoy that we have a 3-D virtual tour. This 3-D virtual tour is amazing because you get to see what we do first hand. You get to see our exceptional designs and you get to see that we are able to provide great detail and the latest trends when it comes to home building. We believe that you’ll thoroughly enjoy these 3-D virtual tour and we encourage you to go check it out. You’ll be so glad that you made the decision to do that. Maybe you just want to see pictures. The good news is that we have pictures available on our website so that you can check it out. These pictures are amazing because you to see what the liberal look like, the bathroom, even the kitchen and the exterior as well. We understand that the pictures are worth 1000 words. In you’ll be so glad to know that when you choose to trust us with your home building needs, we will deliver.

We have quite the reputation and our area when it comes to home building. We even have real estate agents recommending us to their clients. Maybe you have seen a Newcastle Homes and you want to get us to build your home. We’re excited to do that. We are passionate about building homes that are customers absolutely love. Your home is a charger place and is a place where you can call to build great memories with your family and your friends. You can make your home the best place on the planet where no one would ever want to leave. Okay, you may willing to go to work. But we want to make your place a great place.

One way that we can make your home great is simply by building a basketball court or a sports court that you like. We have done this for other customers and they were very pleased with this. We believe that we can do this for you and that you will be greatly us please as well. We want to give you the best when it comes to building and designing. Our goal is to build a home to last. You’ll be pleased with our innovation designs and are functions and our exceptional skills. The schedule appointment today and be with our design team and less start the process of making your dream a reality. To find top Northwest Indiana home builders, give us a call today at (219) 281-6161 or visit