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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

When deciding on a quality construction company, look no further than the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle Homes. The premier fully customize home builder, with dedication and passion to constantly exceed customers expectations for what it construction company does. The art of building well at 219-281-6161 they are all incorporating construction and design firm. They keep everything in-house in order to better suit the customer and create a more efficient and streamlined process for constructing custom homes in Indiana and Chicago. They understand the great importance of why listening to the wants and needs of the homeowner, will lead to a more personal house build. Newcastle homes believe in the beauty of details. Nothing is overlooked during the planning and construction phases. This is because they formulate a plan of action with you and you are there every step of the way making decisions on how you envision your new home,

Newcastle homes works diligently with their customers in order to incorporate very specific architectural elements, textures and even color choice on all materials used. The level dedication to providing the highest customer satisfaction around, sets them ahead of all their competitors and they are regarded as the top Northwest Indiana home builders. At the core of Newcastle homes are respect, trust and overflowing creativity. This is the true foundation on which they built every fully customize homes for their customers. They operate in the greater Chicago and Northwestern Indiana area, that they also offer out of town clients the ability to manage and interact on those project using a state-of-the-art construction online software. They even had clients as far away as California. This new approach to home building has taken the industry by storm.

Founded in 2001 and two brothers rim and dar. With a passion for delivering excellent and complete attention to all details. The brothers, and each other extremely well and worked as a well will machine in order to produce dream homes for their clients. Rim began his construction career back in 1993 crafting luxury homes and condominiums with a emphasis on producing stunning layouts and exceptional flow and functionality. His brother Daher after graduating with a mechanical engineering degree in 1992 and spent the next nine years before the inception of Newcastle homes working as a prestigious engineer. And then him and his brother created the powerhouse, Newcastle homes which is the top Northwest Indiana home builders. Together these brothers work in harmony involving the customer on every step to the process.

For over 17 years Newcastle homes has been bringing you the highest quality customized homes in the industry. They have built many home tailored to specific designs and desires with the customer in mind throughout it all. Their firm works tirelessly to remain adept in agile to the changing market trends and they built transcending floor layouts with exquisite style in architecture.

So what you waiting for visit and check out the testimonials in their galleries of some finished past dream homes. Or feel free to give the friendly team at Newcastle homes a call at 219-281-6161 and they will gladly guide you through the process in order to start building your dream home today.

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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Homes built for purpose, is one way that Newcastle home stays ahead of their competition. They are truly the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders and their commitment and dedication to providing the top quality service and customer satisfaction is extremely evident from the get-go. The satisfaction of the customer’s is Newcastle homes bottom line and they treat each and every customer as if they are their only customer. They rely on high-quality materials, trustworthiness and honesty in order to complete the job on time and on budget. It is these qualities that help Newcastle homes stayed a leading construction and design firm for home innovation and construction in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area.

Building a home to Newcastle is all about paying attention in listening to their clients needs and wants. By doing so the they grasp exactly what the customer wants or doesn’t want, even if the customer has a hard time saying truly what they want. Tapir homes are not built overnight and they take time in order to construct the dream homes of the future. But we guarantee your complete satisfaction once the process has been wrapped up. Usually from start to finish Newcastle homes can get your home completed in as little as five months. They stand behind their word and they’ll never make any fake promises were offer any solutions in which they now are unachievable. Their honesty and commitment to creating a beautiful dream home is what keeps them going year after year.

They have a client centered approach which is unheard of in the construction industry. Most construction firms do not take into account many of the details that Newcastle homes do in their attention to detail is what makes their superior projects really stand out compared to the competition. They build lasting relationships with their clients and treat their clients the way they exactly deserve to be treated. As the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders, they have several beautiful subdivisions and Crown point and in St. John among several others. But they will also build on your property as long as you are in the Chicago or Northwestern Indiana area. Newcastle homes has access to industry leading construction and designing technology. They give their clients the best relevant tools in order to help visualize what their dream be once construction is completed. They use the state-of-the-art 3-D custom home design which will render the customer’s home and be able to let them virtually walk through their new home before ground is even broken in the construction phase.

There is no other construction company that utilizes this kind of 3-D software and has truly helped customers invision to a greater degree of how their dream home will finish. These models include almost every detail of the complicated and completed houses, giving their customers multiple viewpoints and perspectives over their home, that a simple 2-D blueprint just can never do. These three models also help the designers at Newcastle homes work to any issues they may see right off the bat and will help the customer have a better understanding of what their home will look like all the while giving them the opportunity to change anything well before construction begins.

Newcastle homes are mainly in the areas of Lake and Porter counties of Indiana, but also in Chicago city. The utilize top-of-the-line online construction software they give their customers the ability to review and alter or tweak their designs remotely. This entire process can be completed with as few as two visit with the homeowners thus making it possible for Newcastle homes to build for out of town clients. Check out their website or give them a call 219-281-6161 and begin the process of constructing your dream home.