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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

If you’re looking for the top Northwest Indiana home builders, well look no further than Newcastle homes. For over 18 years they have been delivering one-of-a-kind spectacular works in the form of new homes. Founded in 2001 by 2 brothers rim and dar. With a focus on customer satisfaction and delivering the highest quality materials to build beautiful dream home, they have a long line of extremely satisfied customers and you can read more about that on their website under the testimonial page. Newcastle homes will do anything in their power to deliver the top line custom home, guaranteeing your ultimate satisfaction for decades to come. They work with you and for you to know what you want and what you value in your home they won’t upsell you for frivolous add-ons, just to bolster the company’s bottom line. They are based on integrity, honesty and hard
dedicated work.

Newcastle homes, the top Northwest Indiana home builders, will hold your hand and walk you step-by-step to every design and construction phase with your new one-of-a-kind dream home. They have the ability to use certain online software with the clients have the ability to review and make selections remotely and instantaneously. They are also able to see the financial summary of the project to help keep an eye on the overall budget each step of the way. The entire build process can be completed with his few as two on-site visit. This makes it easily possible for us to build for out of town clients. We’ve even had one client that latest far as way as California.

They take immense pride in their ability to work with the customer to know what they want and what they wish to see in their brand-new house. They then take these goals and turn them into a reality in the form of a well-built and built to last home. Newcastle homes is the top Northwest Indiana home builder and will do anything in their power to earn your business and keep you completely satisfied throughout the whole process. They really are a different breed of construction company and it shows not only in their work, but in their integrity and the way they deal with customers. One very important aspect is designed and may take raw materials and transform them into works of art and will have flow from room to room as well as highly functioning house so it works for you and your family’s lifestyle. They believe the exterior of the house is just as important as the interior of the house after all you will see the exterior the house first which we call curb appeal.

Nothing is overlooked when we design our homes and we want you to see what makes us different than your other common new-home construction companies. They have next to no competition as they say ahead of the market as they invest in new technologies and software that other companies will not. Literally everything goes into the design and planning phase, they don’t rush into any construction until the customer is 100% comfortable and ready to commence the construction and break ground. They pay attention to even the flows of room, the size or how that room relates to other rooms. Rooms need to have proper portions so whatever it’s time to put furniture in, the furniture ties the whole space together and giving you a sense of comfort when you walk into th
e the home. If you’re still on the fence about why you should go with the top Northwest Indiana home builders, go check out their website or give them a call at 219-281-6161 and they’ll be more than happy to put in your concerns to bed. Buy with confidence I with Newcastle homes.

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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Have you ever built a home and felt like your construction company just strung along the whole time without keeping you up-to-date on certain key processes or and financial budgets. What you’re not alone seems a majority of people who have built homes have not had very positive experiences throughout the construction built. Well this all changed when the top Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes busted onto the scene in 2001. Founded by two brothers, Dar and Rim. Together these two brothers work in unison to constantly bring the best and highest quality custom built homes in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana territory. Their level of attentive and detail oriented is extremely evident into the smallest details in the house. Newcastle homes differs greatly from all of their competitors. They utilize the latest and greatest technology to bring you a 3-D rendering and an online construction management site which will let you stay up-to-date throughout the whole process.

Sometimes it is extremely hard to visualize what a finished room would look like or what a space would look like with certain tile or carpet, unless you have been in the construction or construction management industry before. Well Newcastle homes knows that it is hard to visualize for most customers when working with a flat piece of paper a.k.a. a blueprint. So they started using a 3-D rendered model of your home which will allow their clients to see exactly what their home will look like and how the room layouts will go. They can also get a feeling of spatial relationships of the home by doing a virtual walk around. So in the example that would be the way that your furniture fits into the floor plan in the way that whatever colors you chose will work in unison and mesh well together. A virtual walk-through really takes these 3-D models to brand-new level unseen by many construction companies. There virtual-reality want will allow their customers to physically walk around inside the home and fully see the home as if it was already built and finished interior decorating.

All of these virtual walk-throughs on the customers new homes are very realistic in their customers enjoy the opportunity that they would not have otherwise to experience what it be walking to their dream home for the billing process even begins. There are is also another wonderful aspect of creating these 3-D models that during the creation of the model our team will often find issues with the design or design details that will give us the opportunity to change any issue before they become monster issues down the road and construction. There is a design included on every single new-home we sell, we do this to set us apart from the competition as we are the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders. We want you to be fully satisfied with your home and these 3-D models of give you a great opportunity to virtually live for a while before construction even begins.

You and asking yourself during what stage of the process doesn’t 3-D rendering take place well the 3-D model and virtual design occur before building starts and as the design phase is beginning to wrap up. It’s usually about eight weeks after the beginning of the design phase when we will get your 3-D model and give you the opportunity to do a virtual walk through your home this gives clients a great level of confidence at their home will just be more than they expected when completed. That’s why they are the top Northwest Indiana home builder in the area and no one holds the flame to them.

So please visit their website that or give them a call at 219-281-6161, they are more than happy to walk you through any questions or concerns you may have in are eagerly waiting to get you into dream home today.