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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Here at the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes they have perfected the art of building well. They are extremely passionate about all phases of construction and design. They are the industry leading custom home building and design business and strive to produce superior quality homes for their customers. They understand how important it is to actually listen and understand what the homeowner is trying to convey when you go into the construction process. Each home they built is specifically unique to that customer and can be custom tailored however the customer wishes. One topic that each home is energy efficient and will save you lots of money throughout the years on heating and cooling your home.

The core values, which lie at the heart of the company our creativity, respect and trust. In every project the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders pursue they will bring these core values to the table. They are stationed in the greater Chicago and Northwestern Indiana region but they also offer a unique advantage that other construction companies do not they have the ability to meet with people out of town and be able to view, manage and interact with project remotely using their online construction software and they encourage all their client at what the greater Chicago area to come and visit at their remote office.

In 2001 wanted team of highly intelligent and competent construction minded brothers, got together and created Newcastle homes. Their goal was to build top level, custom built homes for clients in the Chicago and Northwestern Indiana area. The two brothers, rim and Dar had been working in unison since 2001 constantly delivering the most detailed and highly comprehensive homes built for their customers. Rim began his construction experience back in 1993 when he started working at luxury home, condominium designs. He laid out beautiful floor plan that had effortless flow and functionality in every room. He truly built for functionality and not just aesthetics. His brother and our went to college and obtained a degree in mechanical engineering in 1992. He then spent the next almost decade working as a highly accomplished engineer. It was in 2001 when they came together and formed Newcastle homes now the top Northwest Indiana home builders in the area.

The way they measure their company is by the complete satisfaction over all their clientele. In this keep them hungry and growing knowing that every day they can add more and more satisfied customers into their dream homes. At Newcastle building a new home is all about listening to the client, that’s it no bigger secret than just listening. They have two ears and one mouth so they listen twice as much as they speak. But there mind that construction is not an overnight process and greatness takes time. Especially with this level of detail and honest craftsmanship go into each and every project. Most of the Senate five-month period on the size and scope of the construction project and weather delays.

Newcastle homes will do everything in their power to knock out your project on time and on are under budget. With the construction online portal, you can keep up with exactly what process is next and where you stand financially so what you waiting for go on their website or give them a call at 219-281-6161 and their team will help you envision your dream of owning a new home.

Top Northwest Indiana Home Builders | Building a better building experience.

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Building a better building experience to work for you, is a big goal of Newcastle homes. They understand the dilemma in dealing with construction companies who don’t care about your vision or site for owning a new custom home. But the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes know exactly how to treat their customers. They do this by asking questions and listening to what the customer needs instead of telling the customer what they think they need. This is pretty unheard of in the construction industry as most construction companies just get in get out and will skip key steps or not involve you in the decision process. After all you are the boss and Newcastle knows this and they want your complete and utter satisfaction with your final dream home.

They build these homes to last for decades and they want you to be extremely content for years to come that fit both you and your family’s lifestyle. Like I said Newcastle is the top Northwest Indiana home builders for a reason. They listen when the customer talks and they had a deep understanding of the real wants and needs as they design this with you in mind and constantly underpromise and over deliver on every new dream home they built. Is more than just bricks and mortar and concrete, it’s about building relationships with the client and with third-party vendors. They understand that the relationship between the customer and the construction company is extremely pivotal to be final success of the home. They tirelessly worked to provide trustworthy and experienced decision-making that will offer you a unique piece of mine on your home and know you are in the best hands during the construction process.

They have a client centered approach to construction and involve the customer through every process in step on the way. They don’t ever make decisions without running them past you and verify that you are happy and ready to move onto the next step in construction. When you choose your very own custom design for your new home you need to know that it is your build and fully customize for you. You will work with the top Northwest Indiana homebuilders who have beautiful subdivisions in Crown point and St. John. They had some of the best properties in the nicest neighborhoods and some of the best school districts in the city. But if you have your own property in the Chicago area, they will bring that new construction to you.

Newcastle homes has via the most advanced 3-D rendering technology available in the construction industry. This basically gives you access to do a virtual 3-D walk-through of your home, before construction even begins. This is a great way to help customers this size what their home will look like and be able to see how different rooms tied together and how furniture works in that room. This is a huge benefit that many other construction companies do not offer and this gives you a chance to run through what your home will look like before construction even begins to break ground. This also give the team at Newcastle homes the opportunity to see if there any issues of the design and will save thousands of dollars by catching these issues early and correcting them. Helping speed up the process and saving the customer and company time and money.

I want to go visit Newcastle’s website or give him a call at 219-281-6161. I highly recommend reading some of their testimonials on Google review or their website as well as looking to their gallery of beautifully constructed homes. They are simply the best and you will know as soon as you begin working with Newcastle homes.