Here, Newcastle Homes, we have been family-owned and operated in the Northwest Indiana parts of Chicago for almost 20 years. Newcastle was founded by Rim and Dar. The steamer brothers complemented each other’s skills renovation as Rim had sealed for design and function and Dar car had engineering skills. And that is what perfectly encapsulates the essence of Newcastle Homes, and was considered by us “the art of building well”. Rim’s industry experience with back to 1993 with a luxury home and condominium designs when they came together in 2001 they founded Newcastle Homes. Since then Newcastle Homes is continually building custom loans with inspired designs that had to the value of their neighborhoods. In addition to that, we are now a St John Home Builder were the highest and most reviewed custom building company and Indiana in Chicago.

Through their vision, Rim and Dar have led Newcastle Homes into the leading custom home builder for miles around. They offer design services start to finish in which they can help you design the exterior the home, as well as a four plan in that, provide you with interior design decorating services when the construction is finished and ready to receive furniture and decorations. We also now offer endless customization options ranging from anything to doggie doors but showers on down to car lifts in the garage. We just about everything for customers in the past and if you can dream that we can do it. We’re also a proud St John Home Builder.

We can also help you through the process by offering state-of-the-art 3-D modeling software that can take you on a virtual tour of the home bill. So you take a virtual tour of the house and there’s something you don’t like, we can fix it and adjust it on the fly they corrected so that we make sure that we get a right before we start construction. We also like to break down the process of the construction into manageable chunks so that you can walk through with a step-by-step during each phase of the process and you know exactly what were doing and what’s happening and then there’s to a communication that was going on. We now also probably offer ourselves as a St John Home Builder.

We’ve also offered amazing incentives to the homebuyers of Northwest. First of all, we offer structured financing when you build with Newcastle Homes but we also still offer our famous on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee. These can still breakers are very important to some people that we like to make sure that we are a guarantee on both fronts.

If you find our history intriguing and you think that our company was founded are principles and you like that we had offered the make sure you get touch with us and 219-281-6161 or you can find us on our website at we can find a ton more information about who we are but you including some great customer testimonials and some beautiful photo galleries of the health we have built in the past.

St John Home Builder | What Makes People Choose Newcastle Over The Others?

When it comes to and Northwest Indiana and parts of Chicago, then you will find a better more unique and beautiful building company the Newcastle Homes. There many reasons people call Newcastle Homes the competition and are that is the fact that we are a proud St John Home Builder. Newcastle Homes has been building beautiful homes and quality homes in the northwest portion of Indiana for almost 20 years. 2001 they had been constructing beautiful homes and nativity and design. We are very passionate and love to be creative with the latest news design trend believe that if you can dream it then we can do for you. We have done it for many, many people.

So it comes down to choosing this St John Home Builder, then a lot of to give us a call because we do things like offer endless selections on design. We have nearly in the selection on our floor plans, and we offer hundreds if not thousands of customization options. We offer everything from doggie doors and pet showers over to steam showers and saunas and even car lifts in the garage. People love the fact that we can offer them a four plan for every family for every need for every budget.

Fact that we offer model homes within the tour before they with the serve buying decisions with Newcastle Homes. You can walk and one from your eyes to the quality and design that we can produce with our processes. We can also offer you 3-D custom home design within state-of-the-art software in which you can take your house before it’s ever built. That after something that we need to adjust to that you don’t like, then we can develop like and we get that fixed before we ever into the construction phase. People of our homes and we also produce comes as a St John Home Builder.

People also love to come to us because we offer some pretty great incentives as well. First of all, we offer you a free cover patio for a house. That’s a great value right there. In addition to that we can also get you free construction financing which can also add up to a lot. One of the main things to will come to us is that we also offer an on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee which is huge for some people strict budgets right time, we can guarantee that by making sure we guarantee it for you.

If you want to come and see you what really makes a difference in fact so many of our customers and you want to be a believer the make she give us call at 219-281-6161 or you just visit our website at see you can see what we offer you in more detail and you can also check out the customer testimonials and photo gallery to get a better sense of what we can offer you, people, just like you.