If you have heard of Newcastle Homes from a friend, relative or even on the Internet, and you’re wondering if you can own one of our beautiful homes, then if you want a Newcastle Homes, then you must be willing to live in or already live in Indiana or even certain parts of Chicago. We have been in northwest Indiana for over 17 years and we have been family owned and operated the whole time and we put a major emphasis on the design of our homes in addition to being extremely custom-built driven home building company and are also very proud to be a St John Home Builder.

So now that we’ve established that not only are we located in Northwest Indiana but we are proud St John Home Builder., When it comes to providing with Indiana with the most beautiful high-quality homes, nobody beats Newcastle Homes. Offer amazing design services from start to finish and we give you endless customization option selections on four plants. When it comes to the four plants we have a four plan that can meet every need for every family and one for every budget. And if you can’t find one that exists, we can help you create and customize it to your needs.

We also offer some services that help you and us create for you the best high-quality home that works for you in addition to being a St John Home Builder. First off that we breakdown the construction process in the manual chunks the custom home building process can be complicated. That helps you understand exactly where the process and was going on so that you stay in the know and that we can communicate with you throughout. We also are able to offer you before the construction began a 3-D mockup with state-of-the-art technology for your table to take a virtual tour and walked to the house before to the bill. That way of their something that is 100% perfect, we can go back and revisit that and redesign before the construction begins.

So if you live in the city and in your rate by home and you want one of Newcastle Homes the design then you can take advantage of our no-brainers as well. First of all we biome with us you are going to get a free covered patio and we also offer you free construction financing. Additionally, you get our famous on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee. We offer you a guarantee on both so for the people that have to make sure they stay within their budget or they are on a time crunch, we can guarantee to be on time and within the budget that we specify.

So if you are Northwest Indiana and ready to building a Newcastle Homes England get touch with us as soon as possible at 219-281-6161 website at any time at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com you can find much information provided just right here, and also be sure to check out the photo gallery of our previous homes and listen to our customer testimonials while you’re there.

St John Home Builder | What Is Newcastle Homes?

When it comes to homes in Northwest Indiana and even parts of Chicago, if you see a very beautiful uniquely designed home, then there’s a good chance that you’re looking at a Newcastle Homes. Newcastle Homes is not only a St John Home Builder, but they are also a premier custom home building company that really focuses on the creativity of design and customization. Here, Newcastle Homes, we have been owned and operated, actually family-owned and operated, for over 17 years are here Northwest Indiana in certain parts of Chicago. We have focused on creativity and design and we like to think that if you can dream it, we can do it. Our core values are based on trust respecting creativity and we get very passionate and love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends for homes.

In a nutshell that is what Newcastle homes are overall, in addition to being a St John Home Builder. Also here Newcastle Homes we also really focus on designing design services so we can help you design the exterior the home as well as choose a four plan from in the selection of for plans or customize a new four plan as well as helping you find the right interior design when the house is finish and construction. We can help you find and choose a four plan that meets every need and every family and every budget.

We also help you along the process by breaking on the design into a virtual environment that is modeled in a 3-D state-of-the-art software that lets you take a virtual tour of the home before they were built. During this tour, if you find anything that you don’t like, then that’s where we can stop and reassess and refine and make sure that it is exactly what you want before we build. Additionally, we also offer model homes free to visit in the tour on a regular basis see can see firsthand and with your own two eyes the quality of what we can do and the design options that we can offer you from the best St John Home Builder.

We can also break down the process of construction into manageable chunks once the actual construction has begun. This way we can help you stay in the know and help you understand exactly what stage of construction houses and was being done and communication can remain to way. Find the people really like to know exactly was going on with her house at any given time and that’s exactly what we break the construction process down into a step-by-step process for.

If you think you understand exactly what Newcastle Homes are and you think you might be interested they go and give us a call at 219-281-6161 or make sure you visit us on our website in addition to that or in lieu of the sea can find out more information there as well as contacting us thereby email by filling out our contact for shooting us any questions comments or concerns.