If you live in Northwest Indiana are you are in the Chicago area looking to buy a home, then you want to put your radar towards Newcastle Homes. Newcastle Homes is a St John Home Builder that has been operating in northwestern Indiana for over 17 years and they specialize in offering massive options when it comes to design and we like to think that can treatment then we can do it. Here at Newcastle Homes, we are very passionate about love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends. We build custom designed homes and we strive to produce the homes of our clients’ dreams. We base our core values on trust respect and creativity to the foundation of our homes.

When it comes to this to St John Home Builder, then we love to offer a wide variety of design services. We can help you choose the right plan for your budget and they meet your needs. We offer lots of customization options that can include doggie doors and showers, indoor sports courts, theater rooms, media rooms, outdoor kitchen, covered patio support’s, steam showers, sonnets, carless in the garage, we can do custom cabinetry, we can do built-in bookshelves and we can do custom fireplaces in these are just some of the extras that we’ve added to our clients homes. It doesn’t in there as we can offer a nearly endless array of anything you can possibly imagine.

When it comes to what we can provide you with this St John Home Builder, Newcastle Homes, we can provide you with nearly endless for plans to choose from, and we also are able to provide you with 3-D custom home designs through state-of-the-art software that allows you to walk through the home before you buy it to see what the different designs will look like there are committing to buy a home before you see it.

As a company, we also offer a pretty awesome no-brainer, and the first thing the report offers an on-time guarantee. We guarantee to have your done on schedule and on time. And also we offer you an on-budget guarantee. We guarantee that your house will not go over budget either. For homebuilders to guaranteed to be on schedule and on price is almost unheard of that we are proud to build to give you both guarantees and Newcastle Homes. We also offer you free construction financing and we can also provide you a free covered patio.

If you feel like Newcastle Homes is can be the right home builder for you and your needs and your families needs, they get touch with us today at 219-281-6161 or just visit our website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com we can find tons of information about what we do here and how we can help you. Also, there don’t forget to check out our photo gallery and our customer testimonials as well.

St John Home Builder | What Homebuilding Services Do We Provide?

If you looking for a really good home builder is somebody that is also a St John Home Builder, then you probably want to look in the direction of Newcastle Homes. Newcastle Homes is located in Northwest Indiana and Chicago and is been serving the area for over 17 years. Here, Newcastle Homes, we are passionate and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends to offer you something new with every customer. We like to think you’re Newcastle Homes that if you can dream it, we can do it. We provided our customers with so many custom designs that are almost an impossible account. Whatever you want, we can get it for you.

When it comes to the services that we provide in addition to homebuilding as part of the homebuilding process, we are just a St John Home Builder, we also do so many other things. We provide you with design services where we can help you choose the right for a plan to meet your needs and your budget. We have nearly limitless options when it comes to plans and designs. We are a custom home designer so whatever you come up with is a good chance that will be a will to do it for you. We also have tons of customization options such as fireplaces and mantles doggie doors in touch hours, indoor sports courts, theater rooms, media rooms come outdoor kitchens, covered patio support’s, steam showers and saunas, carless in the garage and custom cabinetry built-in bookshelves just to name a few. Like we said if you can dream it, we can do it. In the options zone in there.

Also when you can use Newcastle Homes as the St John Home Builder of choice, then you will also get along with an endless selection of for plans to choose from you can also visit our model homes to see them the only in theory, but also in person see get a feel for what our homes may look like when they are the finished product. Additionally, we also use custom 3-D software to provide you with a look at your custom home in three-dimensional space see can walk through virtually before the spill. This is a huge incentive because this means you can see what exactly what your home is gonna look like before you ever commit.

We also offer some great no-brainers that include an on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee. We make sure that we get your home done on time and we also make sure that is on budget and that is guaranteed by us. That is almost unheard of in building a house but we offer you both because we are confident in what we can provide to you. We also offer free construction financing in December also offer you a free covered patio you buy one of our houses.

If you’re just the make sure you stop by our website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com or you just give us a call at 219-281-6161 if you have any questions comments or concerns and speak to us directly and we can get you set up with an appointment into one of our model homes and working on getting you scheduled to design your home to see we can do for you.