If you are a resident of Northwest Indiana and you are in the market, and you really thinking about giving yourself time to build a custom home, then you deftly want to consider the best custom homebuilder in the region which would be hassle homes. Newcastle Homes is the premier custom home builder for this portion of Indiana and the nearby portions of Chicago. Is a very quality and extremely design-driven custom home building company and they have been around since 2001 and during the nearly 2 decades of experience building homes around this portion of the state, they have one with initiatives with an amazing design they are passionate and they love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends, and from a believe that if you can dream it, then we can do for you. Additionally, we are also a St John Home Builder the people of that.

Part of what people really love about us in addition to the fact that we are St John Home Builder is the fact that provides so much customization and so many design options, that basically everything one of the houses that we build is literally unique. Find a house that you like it is based on existing house try to customize the exterior features so that is not just a copy and you really have a truly unique house of your own. But when it comes customization is mounted for plants free to choose from and hundred thousand customization options free to look through and decide on which include everything from value doors and pet showers to the rooms. We have a four plan that can meet every budget, every need every family.

Other things people really love about Newcastle Homes that make us the best besides being a St John Home Builder, is the fact that we offer you two virtually tour your home through state-of-the-art 3-D software in a 3-D space he can see exactly what has ago look like inside now before we build it. That way if there are any issues we can correct it refining and exactly what we start construction we have it locked in. We also have model home tours for you to check out with your own two eyes a sort of design and quality that we build our home. People also love the fact that we break down the complicated process of building a custom-built home into manageable chunks so they understand what’s going on during the process.

We also offer some awesome no-brainer incentives for people just like you there seeking to build custom dollhouse which includes offer you a free covered patio in free construction financing and of themselves are extremely huge value, but we also offer you the on-time guarantee the on-budget guarantee so you know exactly what it did and for how much.

So if you’re interested in a Newcastle Homes to make sure you get touch with us as soon as possible so we can start the process, get touch with us at 918-376-0857 or visit us on our website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com at any time and she does any questions comments or concerns that you have any time.

St John Home Builder | What Can I Expect After My Home Is Built?

So if you are a resident of Northwest Indiana or even the neighboring areas of Chicago and you’re familiar with Newcastle Homes, including being a St John Home Builder, and you are thinking of building yourself a new home then definitely get touch with us. Here Newcastle Homes if you don’t arty know we believe that if you can dream it we can do for you. We’re highly customizable and we have a strong focus on unique design. Where very passionate about it and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends in design. Nearly 2 decades of experience building homes in Northwest Indiana and once we figure out exactly what you want, we can let you know to expect from us after it’s done.

First of all, if you to a Newcastle Homes at we’ve got to the whole design process with you spent the time for to be constructed, and is finally done, we can also offer you help on the interior design company professional design on the interior with the furniture and decorations and everything make sure that your new house is perfect and unique, this for that too. People of this is much is the fact that they love that we are St John Home Builder.

In addition, you can expect that your new home is going to come with warranties. We provide warranties all of our homes and you want more information by the details of those warranties and were available then you can always get in contact with us stuck home building process to ensure that we offer the kind of warranties that you seek. But most of all we can expect from us besides knowing the fact that we are St John Home Builder is the fact that you’re going to be static with joy at the fact that he has extremely well built and unique home with all the features you want on it and that hopefully exactly what you and your family needs at the right budget.

You can also expect about time the finish of the construction that was finished on budget and on time via is on time and on guarantees. So overall you can just expect to be very happy with your new Newcastle Homes and hopefully, it’s perfect and if it’s not then you can expect that we can do everything within our power to correct that for you.

So you want to experience these expectations then give us a call at any time by calling us at 219-281-6161 or just visiting our website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com the more information about what we can do for you and Billy a custom-built home but be sure to check out the photo gallery of previous that we’ve built also checking out what to say about the houses we built them in the customer testimonials section.