Whenever you’re looking for a homebuilder, and you can also appreciate the fact that they might also be a St John Home Builder, they get to us here Newcastle homes. Is because here Newcastle homes, a company the passion about what we do, and we are prepared provide you with the only the best custom built home here Northwest Indiana, but we are also to make sure that you have a better experience and preferably a memorable experience to make sure that the home building experience is a good one, something that you will remember for years to come in addition to the fantastic house that you will live in for generations. We provide you with a much better design service, then the construction phase this easier for you, and that we also want to make sure that you, of course and get the highest quality custom-built home of your dreams that you’ve always wanted.

First of all we want to the design service that we provide here at my that we also a St John Home Builder, and we are proud to give back and that is one of the ways in which we are here for people. Whenever you come to us to start deciding your home, after you take the model home tour, and you have some of that ideas about what you want to do, we have specifically a better streamlined and focusing six the processes and broken down into more manageable chunks we can help you the step of the way. We can help you choose the for plan and the forward and design something to fit your budget. And then at some point were also can provide you the cost a pretty home design with most of the major design decisions have been nailed down to the one for your home before the rebel.

And then as a St John Home Builder, we are proud to offer you a better construction phase as well stressful and related concentrate on more important things to worry about what was to be done and what kind of budget, and I. Here at Newcastle Homes, we give you an on-time and on budget guarantee. We’re going to we’re going to finish on budget and all times that we don’t waste your time for your money. Time and money are the most important aspects, at least for most people, and were not going to waste either one for you. We promise that we will finish on time to the don’t have to make last-minute you are the current home that needs to be vacated or whatever the situation may be. Ross can make sure that we finish on budget as per our agreement.

And then when Paul said done, you can the highest quality home out there that is unrivaled in terms of high quality construction materials, impeccable design, and truly customized to our desires. Some of things that we have a call for homeowners the past been things like indoor sports courts, media rooms, rooms, car lifts in the garage, sonnets and pet showers. We can do it all for you to, just give us a call and get started today.

You to us call anytime by calling 219-281-6161 whenever you’re ready to start go website whenever you like to find more information about who we are hoping to northwestindianahomebuilders.com.

For the best St John Home Builder, just call Newcastle Homes!


Choosing a custom homebuilder in Northwest Indiana, then you want to make sure that your reaching want to somebody that has a passion for the do it gets great results, and also provide you with a great experience. This which you whenever you come to us homes, and also whenever you add in the fact that we are also a St John Home Builder, you get a company that really cares about serving others. And that is a basically what we are the highest most viewed custom homebuilder in Northwest Indiana today. We high quality reviews than anybody else, and working to make sure that we provide you with the highest quality homes and the highest quality dedication as a result from the entire process to make sure the knowledge of the home leave always wanted, but you also get the best experience is less stressful, more money, and provide you with the best value and memories comes to the entire home building and buying experience, especially for first-timers.

So when it comes to choosing a company, the only can you factor in the fact that we are a St John Home Builder, but here at Castle homes, we are also the highest most viewed from people just like you. We have previous homeowners avalanches incredible reviews because they really appreciate the fact that we gave them exactly what they wanted, and we also provide them of the great experience. We were make sure that we went the extra mile to make sure that we gave them a better design process and a better construction process than other companies out there. And that’s with the difference really lies for a lot of people.

Here Newcastle homes, also a St John Home Builder, we are dedicated to making sure that we are constantly refining our design service to make sure that it is better. We went make it less stressful, easier, more streamlined to make sure that we can help you get from point a to point B without being overwhelmed. We broken the process and manageable chunks and we help you choose the for plan from the very beginning from an endless amount of for plan to choose from already, and now combine those with our incredible and fast selection of customization options to make sure that we design something that fit your budget and that you love. And then we are also known for designs and the fact that we are passionate what we do and have a love for being creative the latest newest designs and so working to come up with something that not only looks and feels great but is also different of exactly what you want.

And then when it comes to what makes us the best choice when it you want to custom-built homes the fact that whenever you come us, we also provide you the better construction process. This is the phase often stresses people the most, and that’s because they’re not sure what is can be done, or if it’s can go over budget, but here Newcastle homes were here to tell you that we have an on-time guarantee and on budget guarantee. We straight up give you a promise to be done on time and within budget.

So whenever you want to find a company that can make all the difference in the home that you living in the expansion have, they give us call here Newcastle homes by calling strictly anytime at 219-281-6161 we go directly to the website whenever you like to find more information on your own at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.