Are you looking To build a custom home anywhere Northwest Indiana? If so then look into Newcastle Homes, a St John Home Builder who is become the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder drop as part of the state. Newcastle Homes has been building homes for over 17 years and we are passionate about what we do we love to be creative with the latest and newest designs. We are here to build high quality beautifully designed home for the people of Indiana and we can do just about everything. We believe that if you can dream it, we can do it. We’re here to make sure that we provide you with the best high quality homes anywhere in Indiana absolutely love the designs we come up with the high-quality materials that we use.

So if you want a St John Home Builder, the make she get touch with us right here Newcastle Homes. Services that we provide are many. First of all, we can help you through the design process Sarah whenever you come to us to build your own custom home. We can help you choose the plan and we can help you design something that fits your budget. We can offer you lots of customization options that give you plenty of choices to help you design the custom-built home of your dreams and reflect exactly what you want and give you something truly unique. While the process of building a custom home can be complicated, we have, over the years provided a more simple a simple five process for our customers in which we break down the process into manageable chunks so that you can take it one step at a time.

Whenever you come to us also here at Newcastle Homes, no St John Home Builder, but we can also provide you a three custom home design that you can see for your own two eyes. You can look through your own home and walk around it in a 3-D software desire and see can see exactly which only look like before we ever designer to build it. The four plants we offer here almost nearly endless you have thousands of options to put together your own unique home that will quite nothing else. We also have a model for your tour to get a sense of the floor plans you like in person and get a feel for the kind of design decisions that you want to make carry forward.

We also have ample no-brainers here at Newcastle Homes. The first two would be our on-time guarantee and on budget guarantee. To make sure we don’t waste anybody’s most valuable to resources in this life. Time and money. We always finish on time and we never go over budget and that’s a guarantee. We can also provide you with free construction financing and offer you a free cover patio whenever you build a custom home with us right now as well.

Get touch with us today to see exactly what we’re capable of and what we are made of (no pun intended). We love free to get touch with us as soon as possible to start your design process to get your free 3-D rendering by calling us at 219-281-6161 or go directly to our website at we can find all this information and more including some great photo galleries and customer testimonials to look through.

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If you come to Newcastle Homes, a St John Home Builder, the can expect several things from us. The first of which is that we offer not just beautiful homes but also the most beautifully designed custom homes you ever seen. This is true objectively because we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder Northwest Indiana and we been building homes for over 17 years. In the last two decades we’ve learned a thing or two, and we believe that if you can dream it, we can do it for you. There’s really no limit to the kind of houses that we can build and we are very passionate about what we do we know to be creative with the latest and newest design because we are very passionate about home design and home construction.

When it comes the actual services that we brought provide throughout the custom home design process as a St John Home Builder, we want to make sure that we make it a simple as possible. Custom home building in designing can be compensated mess looking good quickly overwhelming but we have built a break down the process and amendable chunks to help you manage it once upon a time. First of all you can choose to tour some of our model homes to get ideas on the floor plans that you prefer design decisions in mind. After that, we can plan, and then we can design something from the pieces that you like to fit your budget. We give you endless customization options choose from and we will build to provide you with the highest quality build a custom home impeccable design you ever have seen that you can truly call years and is really unique.

Also whenever you come to us, this St John Home Builder will be a will to provide you with a custom build to walk through your 3-D space, take a virtual tour of your home before does ever built see find out exactly what it could potentially look like and the make sure that you really love it before we also have nearly endless options and plans to the one make sure you clear choice and you can also make sure you check out our beautiful model homes to look at to see your existence of the space in what we offer you some ideas for your own home to kick off the process.

Also be sure to take care advantage of some of our incredible no-brainers in the form of guarantees of an on time guarantee and on budget guarantee. We want to make sure that we don’t waste either of your two most valuable resources, and we want to make sure that we guarantee always be on time and never go over budget. In addition that we can also offer you financing in a free cover patio Newcastle Homes.

If you’re interested to see what we can bring the table on your next custom home the make she gets touch with us by calling us at 219-281-6161 or go to our website at any time to look through we had an offer at we can find some beautiful photo galleries of our homes, is a great customer testimonial many other resources.