Here at Newcastle Homes, not only are proud to be a St John Home Builder we also very we do in the words we do in which we emphasize design we also part of the fact that we are driven for three core values. Over the last 17 years of building homes in Northwestern Indiana, we have that if you can treatment we can do it. We’re passionate about and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends. And that love is also bound by three core principles that we provide everything else that we do here at home. The core values that we base everything that we do here are founded around trust, respect, and creativity.

A lot of we do here Newcastle Homes has based it on trust and respect. Who wants to make sure that foremost, that not only do you are customers thing that we have beautiful homes and provide them with you because of their beloved they can also trust us and that they know that we have a respect for them that is what drives everything that we do. From trusting us to guiding them through the design process to trusting the quality of our construction trusting that we’re going to provide them with her on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee. Who wants to make sure that trust, you want to make sure that we respect that at every turn that is part of why we have become a St John Home Builder.

So also in addition to being a St John Home Builder, also face a lot of we do activity. Now that might seem very obvious, and it is creativity is at the heart and soul of what we do here at Newcastle Homes. We, as we said very passionate about the creative the latest newest trends in home designs. You want to make sure that whenever you design a house with us it is unlike anything else in their lives in anybody else you know has ever had. When everything to be unique so that you have that reflects you and your needs.

These are the core values of our company are based on what every decision in every action is guided by here. Everything to the design choices that we offer to the 3-D custom-designed to provide for you to see the house before it is made, even down to the model homes provide for you to walk through in the construction process, everything is guided by trust.

If you’re interested in Newcastle Homes and you want to see what the story values to what we do, the in touch with us today. Also, make sure you give an edge of our no-brainers in which we can offer you the on-time guarantee in the on-budget guarantee that we mentioned and also if you buy with us now you currently get a free covered patio and free construction financing as well. So get touch with us today at 219-281-6161 what is visit us on the website at we can find out and that can possibly answer questions I have. Also, be sure to check out the customer testimonials in the photo gallery as well.

St John Home Builder | Quality Is Essential At Newcastle.

You are interested in buying a home from a St John Home Builder, we just want the most custom-built have you ever seen, then you want to get touch with us here Newcastle Homes is a well-respected and top custom homebuilder is operated out of the union employees in Chicago for over 17 years now. What makes us different here with this is a part is our love and passion for creative designs. Those try to employ the latest newest design trends, believe that if you can treatment we can do it. Oftentimes we focus so much here the committee unique designing custom nation that we often forget to send out the message that we also value high-quality processes designs and construction as well.

If you were to look up Newcastle Homes not only are you going to see that we are a St John Home Builder but on we also have very high reviews online. You are probably the most highest-reviewed homebuilder possibly the state of Indiana deftly in the Northwest is because I do, and also make sure quality construction, customer service and high-quality designs behind everything we do here. Elected in our views, and in the very satisfied customers that we produce over 17 years. You can also check our customer testimonials on our website for people who were extremely pleased with the entire process that we provide them because design to be body from start to finish.

The thing that we do from the design services design the exterior and four plan to the interior design work that we help through when the construction is finished as well. This high quality as well as the construction. We give you in this amount of customization options we make sure we break down the process, the complicated process of building a custom home down into minimal chunks can help you with us to the process provide you with communication and involvement every step of the way see is going on you always understand that ultimately your control. You’ll find another St John Home Builder that is better than we do.

Also, the quality right has done construction. If you receive first in our quality work have model homes available for you to tour any time. Get contact with us via phone or through the website and we can set you up with a tour one of the remodeling homes where you can witness the quality of our construction we do first hand.

If you want to experience our quality for yourself make sure you call us directly at site check out more about us there you can also see the photo gallery on the website. We should also check out the customer testimonials with very satisfied clients.