So if you are a resident of Northwest Indiana, and you are also a homeowner or a potential homeowner who is interested in buying and the customs building next home, in touch with Newcastle Homes. Newcastle Homes is the premier custom home builder in the entire Northwest of Indiana in the adjoining Chicago regions and are proud St John Home Builder. You may or may not know that we have been building area customizable and highly for can focus on building the company. We believe it if you can treatment we can do it and we are very passionate about the greater with the latest and newest trends in homes. And to that end, you may be wondering how much one of our homes cost?

If you want to know how much one of our Newcastle Homes cost, then that is no easy answer. Newcastle Homes can vary wildly depending on your needs or wants, the design, location in a variety of other factors in the home. It also depends on the terms your financing and so and so forth. If you’ve never been a homeowner before you maybe leave out the home of the process works, especially with the custom-built home as common. But when it comes to giving you an estimate of the cost of one of our homes, we may be a will to give you a very general you give us a call at 219-281-6161, but what we can tell you is what it will not cost you. First of all, you to be up a company that is a St John Home Builder. That is something you can feel good about an estimate of the free!

About the fact that it provides you with amazing customer service no extra charge. They see my design services, the customization options, and plans, the fact that we have simplified the construction process into a step-by-step process the make you an amazing state-of-the-art 3-D software in which you can take a virtual tour of your home before we make sure that we get it absolutely 100% perfect we build. These are all things that we are just great customer service that we provide to you at no cost.

Also can also tell you we can save with our amazing customer incentives. The first day some piece of my time guarantee and on-budget guarantee. That is an actual guarantee that will have it done on the day that we give you start construction and that we won’t go a dollar over the budget that we provided each other and agreed on what was started. Free covered patio in a free construction financing offer whenever you build with Newcastle Homes. You can also feel good about the fact that we are a St John Home Builder

If you’re interested in building home and saving money and receiving great value for an amazing custom-built homing in touch with us a 219-281-6161 and visit us on our website or in lieu of at we can find more information but specifically be sure to check out our customer testimonials and what we’ve done for customers in the past and you can also check out a photo gallery of the work that was done.

St John Home Builder | Newcastle Homes Frequently Asked Questions.

When it comes to Newcastle Homes here in the Northwest portion of Indiana, and provide portions of Chicago, we had been building homes for nearly 2 decades here and people really love the homes that we build them because we focus specifically and highly customized, high quality and, very design-driven homes. However, many people still have a few very common questions when it comes to the homes that we produce. Since we so design focus. Many people want with steps of the design process are, many people want to know how long the design process typically takes, and they also want to know if the design process is done completely in-house at Newcastle Homes in addition to being a St John Home Builder.

When it comes to the first question, people want to know other than the fact that we are St John Home Builder, steps are in our design process since we so design focus. The design process can be very complicated involved however the system the process of making it very easy to follow because breaking down for you as stages. First, we finalize exterior colors and details and to that, we did break down the interior process to manageable chunks by starting that we light switches and electrical lights and finally we land detail store sales for moving on to the final detail which is Coaching style countertops and backslashes. It is quite a lot of stuff to manage, but we have a step-by-step process it takes before it a little bit of time was never overwhelming and we can help you through every step of the process.

No offer as a St John Home Builder, how long does the design process generally tape. We do make sure that the design processes generally occur in line with the construction process. This allows us to complete homes were quickly and efficiently compared to other builders but our process typically takes a month to six weeks as we meet once per week for the duration of the design process. Of course however, the size the level of customization can impact this timeline.

And it finally people always want to know if this entire design process is done in house with Newcastle Homes. We have a simple answer on this one for a simple question that is that we handle the design process mostly in-house. However, clients are allowed to choose for the tile directly from the vendors and then the vendors will aid the client in designing and finalizing their final choice.

So hopefully you’ve answered some of the more frequently asked questions here at Newcastle Homes. If you like to know more than you can always give us a call at 219-281-6161 or if it is your needs better than visit our website at to be sure to check out our customer testimonials and the photo gallery of our previous homes before you leave.