Are you really interested in a Newcastle Homes and wondering the best time to call us? Fact that we are a St John Home Builder? If you are the don’t worry about what time it is or with the best time to call us you could you can call anytime anyone is in the office are going may directly get started on the process of designing building your new custom dream home. Don’t hesitate to get touch with us and reach out because we been building homes for 17 years and we’re really passionate about what we do and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design then we can help to apply that to your new home we would love to build to get started immediately. It is our motto here that if you can dream it, we can do it and we are confident that we can provide you with a high quality beautifully designed home and that is why we become the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder Northwest Indiana today.

So be sure to give us a call as soon as you’re ready for this St John Home Builder to start building your dream home. We start with a 3-D custom home design so you can see exactly what your home a look like before you ever start and you want a 3-D space in a virtual environment see can find out if you really love it before we ever even start construction we can make changes if there’s something about them you don’t like. Also, help us design something that fit your budget, and we give you endless customization options. We have more four plans anybody else options are nearly endless.

We can also let you torso of our beautiful model homes, see can see we can do as the state’s favorite St John Home Builder. You got with a model home would you like which decides to get some ideas for your four plans design decisions that we can make. If you forgot what you like, then we can start on the actual design process, and it can be overwhelming, with a lesson experience company. Here, Newcastle Homes, we have been out to break down the process and manageable chunks make sure that it is easy as possible for you. The last two decades we’ve been building custom homes and we have failed to find ways to make the process easy and enjoyable for our home builders and you want to make sure that we provide you with an enjoyable experience from the start.

So if you’re ready to get started the make she gives us a call today so that we can start making arrangements you with a consultation and see if we design the fear out what kind of home we can build for you. Also, get in touch with us and learn about some of our no-brainers like our on time guarantee and are on budget guarantee and find better great incentives like free construction financing and a free cover patio when you build with us today.

If you’re interested in what we can do as your next dream home builder the make she get touch with a statement calling us at 219-281-6161 or directly to our website at we can find all the information, lots of great resources and you can find some good photo galleries of our previous homes and some great customer testimonials.

St John Home Builder | Beautiful Homes In Northwest Indiana.

If you’re looking for a St John Home Builder and Smith to produce high-quality beautiful back to the design custom homes make sure you come to see us here at Newcastle Homes. Where the premier homebuilder servicing Northwest Indiana. If you live anywhere in the area of Northwest Indiana, then consider you can receive an incredibly high quality beautifully designed home that nobody else has in his you need to you and your vision and can really truly be called your dream home. We have been building homes for over 17 years and are truly passionate about what we do and we love to be creative with the latest and newest designs and the home design and home construction industry. Our motto here is that if you can dream it we can do it.

So for those of you in Northwest Indiana, they can appreciate a good St John Home Builder, the make she gets touch with us if you are interested in building a custom home and you’re finally ready to build your dream home. We can help you start out by giving you a tour of our model homes that are beautiful see can see exactly what kind of layouts are that you want to do in getting an idea of what you want to do with the design process of the design decisions that you would like to make. Then we can move on to a 3-D custom model home design in which you can walk through your home are meant to see exactly what your home could potentially look like before we ever begin the construction.

So as a St John Home Builder, we would love the opportunity to build your next home. We have a limitless variety of four plans to choose from, and we make sure that we design something that fits your budget specifically. We can help you choose the plan and help you through the design process as a custom home building process can be overwhelming. But over the years, we managed to break down the process to manageable chunks into a step-by-step process that can help you tremendously and make the experience enjoyable and fun.

Also if you are Northwest Indiana and be sure to come to see us about your next home because we can also provide you with great incentives. First of all, anybody that is a home with us right now to get free construction financing and we can also provide you with a free covered patio to top it off. In addition that we have a couple of other great with us that we provide and over the competition because we always provide you with an on budget and on-time guarantee. Get touch with your house on time and we can guarantee that we will not go over budget.

If you’re interested in anything that we can do here at Newcastle Homes make she get touch with us by calling us at 219-281-6161 go directly to our website at we can find exactly what we’re all about and what we can do for you and be sure to check out our photo gallery in our customer testimonials as well.