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Have you been looking online to find the best rated and reviewed Northwest Indiana Home Builders here in the state? Well, look no further than Newcastle Homes. We had been the highest rated and reviewed company for well over 17 years. That’s right, we have been highest rated and reviewed his we very first began over 17 years ago. That is absolutely amazing and we are still striving to be with the absolute best to this day. You will not find another company that is this hands-on and dedicated to exceed your expectations and that is a guarantee. Have any questions comments or concerns that are holding you up from signing up with us today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love an opportunity to get in front of you and have a one-on-one conversation you are looking for a custom if you like to sign up today, I encourage you to visit our website at You may also give us a call online at 1 (219) 281-6161

Now that you have found the number one Northwest Indiana Home Builders here at our luxurious company, Newcastle Homes I want you to gotcha website and look at some of our past homes and they built for some of art extremely satisfied clients. We are always going and pushing the envelope on what it means to build custom homes. The thing is in many contractors don’t understand that the client is always the boss. Yes, I understand that we have the service we are providing, but after all you are living in the home not us. So this is why we are always striving to impress the boss, a.k.a. you. Right now every single home we so you with a free covered patio. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your patio done by the best custom homebuilder here in the state and this adds an extra $5-$10,000 value to your home.

By far the number one Northwest Indiana Home Builders can be found right here at Newcastle Homes. I guarantee he going to Google right now type in best custom home builder, a guess will pop up first? That’s right, us here at Tesla Electric Company. On Google many people sit. I think about us, so if you’re still on the fence about signing up today I encourage you to go on to Google and see what others think about us. This should make you feel a lot more comfortable moving forward.

And don’t worry if you have enough money down to pay the deposit, right now we are offering a one-of-a-kind free construction financing. This is a wonderful way to get a custom home without breaking the bank. So let’s get started today building your custom home and one-of-a-kind Newcastle Homes. There really is no other company that I would recommend to anyone who is looking in Indiana for custom homebuilder other than Newcastle Homes.

If you like to move forward getting your free designing consultation with Newcastle Homes, then I strongly suggest that you visit us online at Or feel free to reach out to our friendly and outgoing customer service team here in the office by dialing 1 (219) 281-6161.

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There really is no other Northwest Indiana Home Builders that are able to deliver the same high quality custom homes quite like Newcastle Homes. It’s because we have well over 17+ years of experience in the construction industry. So yes, you can say we seen quite a few different construction type days. We also have know-how and ability to overcome any sort of problems they encountered in the construction process. This how we are able to guarantee on-time finish as well say on budget guarantee. You’ll find it in a custom home builder that will be able to stand by and say that yes we will finish on time and on budget. Take the whole lot of construction management skills and moving subcontractors around in order to accomplish this feat. But, we are one of the best suited to do so. If you like to get signed up with us today, I encourage you to visit our website at Or call at 1 (219) 281-6161.

So now you know where to find the Northwest Indiana Home Builders that yields the highest and most custom homes here in India. We are going to be your best friend in the construction industry. This is because we are the most hands-on contractor you ever witnessed. We walk you through the entire construction process, this is extremely helpful especially for those who never actually built a home before. But if you are nervous about it, that you have nothing to be nervous about we will be here to the entire construction process all the way from design to giving you the key to walk into your branding custom home.

Newcastle Homes is the highest rated Northwest Indiana Home Builders found here at the state. Many ask yourself why are we so good? Well, you start off by saying first off we are 100% committed to our clients. In fact off we are very well versed in all things construction. Our owners and operators are two brothers while one focus on the construction aspect, the other focuses on defining. Together these two brothers are like peanut butter jelly, Yin and Yang, peas in a pod, opposite but work together.

Suggest you are in wonderful hands whenever you sign up with Newcastle Homes today. There’s not another company able to deliver quite the same type of amazing custom homes that Newcastle Homes does on a regular basis. I guarantee see many 1 (219) 281-6161 simply by strolling by them. This is a have massive curb appeal. If you’re not familiar with everything basically and creating a friendly aesthetics for people to aww on the drive-by.

To get the most perfect custom home your senior life and have it for you and your family for many generations company is our homes are seriously built to last. Unlike many other cookie-cutter homes in the area that are made with horrible quality materials and bad contractors, we use only the best the best. If you like to get started today at Newcastle Homes I strongly advise you to visit our website at Or go heading give us a call today in order to schedule your consultation at 1 (219) 281-6161