Here Newcastle Homes, where the premier Northwest Indiana Home Builders, and we are very passionate about the homes we build is where very designs build very custom-built homes. With such a heavy system design customization, you’ll find that every something very unique to each and every owner. We have been building less portion of Indiana for almost 2 decades now and we have an incredible passion for design and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends in the home industry. We really feel like here at Newcastle Homes that if you can dream it we can do for you. We’re always very excited to start the design process customer each and every time the table on a new home.

Also want to reach, you can get some incredible no-brainers with this Northwest Indiana Home Builders. When you come to us, first of all, we are going to offer you a free covered patio home that we sell. On top of that, we offer free construction financing on the home but the best part is to guarantees the house. We offer an on-time guarantee and an on-budget guarantee for every home is built by us. This can be relieved need of a very strict budget and or a very strict schedule. Even if you don’t have a particularly everyone super excited about their brand-new home and would be in as soon as possible. Nobody ever wants to go budget and how strict your what it is or not. We can provide you guarantee each one of these leaner have to worry about those things.

So whenever you come to us here at this Northwest Indiana Home Builders, we’re going make sure that we provide you with incredible design process several design services throughout the process can help you figure out design the exterior, issues for the plan is right for you, and even the interior design houses being constructed. For plan, we have almost in the selection of four plans for you to choose from, and tons maybe even thousands of customization options and features for us to implement. We can do everything from doggie doors and pet showers to media rooms theater rooms we even did car lifts in the garage.

In addition no-brainer on our homes that when you go to the design process with us on our home going to offer you state-of-the-art. This will allow you to walk through your home at this been design make sure we love it before we start building it. With everything looks great, then we can get started!

If you’re interested in our no-brainers table with the house of your dreams make her give us a call at 219-281-6161 we just visit us on our website whenever you feel like it at You can find a ton of information about us and what we can do to be sure to check out the customer testimonials first and foremost and also the amazing photo gallery of our previous homes.

Northwest Indiana Home Builders | The First Step To A Newcastle Home.

If you are in Northwest Indiana and you are in the selection of choices for Northwest Indiana Home Builders, then you definitely want to look at Newcastle Homes. It’s good our website at and check out some information about us including what were all about, the kind of homes we build, and we can bring to the table, you may be interested in moving forward us. That we have been building Northwest Indiana from two decades, and that we are a very design-centric focus and we are a custom-built home building company. So if you think you might be interested in, and house that is very customized, and very unique and intentional and is designs, then you should get in touch with us as soon as possible. We’re very passionate and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends and we think that if you can dream it we can do it.

So the first step we’ve eliminated all the other Northwest Indiana Home Builders and your side you want to move forward with Newcastle Homes is to just give us a call or you can reach out to our website as well. You can always reach us during the day time at 219-281-6161 and speak to the office to get the ball rolling to get an initial set up. Or you can just go to if you haven’t arty been there and set up an appointment to their or you can shoot us any questions comments or concerns you may have as well. This can be the first step to getting in touch with Newcastle Homes to set up an appointment to discuss your next home.

What you contact us here at this Northwest Indiana Home Builders, make sure that we get the ball rolling on your financing in your design process. And right now whenever you come to us to build a home we offer free construction financing to that’s a no-brainer out the back. Second of all with the financing approved we can continue at the design process which can be quite intense with Newcastle Homes. Sticks anywhere from one month to six weeks in which we meet once a week and we decide. With several design services to choose from they have to customize make sure that design everything from the exterior the home and of course for a plan on down even the interior design was the home is built. We can help you with every aspect of the design of your Newcastle home.

Those of the general first steps into getting into a Newcastle home. We also like to mention are other no-brainers which include guarantees. First of all, is an on-time guarantee and the second is and on-budget guarantee. With a very self-explanatory in both are very valuable. Not only is this a dealbreaker for some people that are on a strict schedule right type of budget, but anybody is always excited to get time, and nobody ever wants to go on budget. We guarantee that both of those stay on track every time.

If you’re interested in Newcastle Homes what we can do for you the make she reaches out to us at the after-mentioned phone number, 219-281-6161, and our website at While your there makes sure you check out our customer testimonials and our photo gallery.