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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes has the vision to succeed in land you in your dream home. The art of building well as a mantra followed here at newcastle homes. They understand that design and construction work hand in hand in order to deliver a premium product. As the industry leading construction and design firm they will strive to produce the home of their customers wildest imagination and dreams. They have learned the importance of catering for in listening to their customers. This gives them a greater insight on to what their customers looking for when it comes to building their dream homes. They worked meticulously in order to get client specific architecture elements incorporated with color choices and textures. Each and every home that Newcastle homes creates is extremely energy-efficient and custom-made to meet and exceed the needs of that client.

Built on core values of trust, respect and creativity they have grown tremendously using these common core values and by treating the customer how they want to be treated. Northwest Indian home builders are located in the greater Chicago area and Northwestern Indiana. Now if you live outside of the Chicago or Northwestern area they can easily work with you with their new remote online software. It’s almost like you’re there talking face-to-face with them. But for clients to live in Chicago they do offer the ability to meet at their office in order to meet face-to-face.

The top Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes were founded in 2001, by two brothers rim and Dar. Both brothers have unique passion and skills that work together in a beautiful ballet that comes together in the form of new construction. Their attention to detail is unprecedented and there is zero competition in the area. Since their founding well over 17 years ago Newcastle homes has continuously builds extremely well built in custom homes with the designs inspired by their customers needs and wants. They are always trying to improve and learn as much as they can in order to better their construction methods and techniques. Their goal is to deliver the highest and best possible finished home for their clients. There construction and design firm work still in gently to remain agile while changing trends in the market they seek to build the newest and latest trendsetting layouts with styles and architecture to match.

How does Newcastle design and build differently than the rest? Was quite simple they listen to their customers and this helps them gain an understanding of their real needs and wants when designing a home in order to enhance their daily lifestyle. Their clients know that a well-built home is not builds overnight. But they share our mutual respect for meticulous and honest craftsmanship and they know that Newcastle homes values the importance of well constructed homes built from the highest quality materials sourced. When you choose a design in a new home have no fear that the very best Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes has got you a good hands. They have many available lots in Copper Creek in Crown point and in the preserves and St. John. Or if you have your own property they can build there is well.

The stop what you’re doing and go visit their website or give their friendly came a call at 219-281-6161. They can’t wait to help you into your dream home today,

Northwest Indiana Home Builders | passion and dedicated home builders

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

The passionate and dedicated homebuilders that Newcastle homes are the one and only Northwest Indiana home builders. To the use of their extremely advanced rendering and technologies they have now begun doing custom 3-D models for every design in homes sold. With this access to this technical industrial leading software, this has revolutionized the way the clients can view and visualize their new dream home. It will give them a virtual walk-through so they can see exactly how the room’s layout and how all the colors chosen mesh together in their new home. This also gives them a greater understanding of how their landscape in Windows will work together. So you can look out your virtual window at your ideal pool for landscaping and really get a sense of what your home is going to be once it’s finalized.

So you can virtually walk-through your new home before we even begin construction on your house. This revolutionary technology is what sets Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes, apart from the competition. This is an extremely new technology in many of the competitors don’t utilize this new tool. This is really given the customers better perspective on how their home will look and given them the opportunity to make changes well ahead of construction and therefore reducing any major problems before we even cross that road.

Newcastle’s main service areas are Lake and Porter counties in Indiana. But they also have the use of online construction software with their clients have the ability to review and make construction selections remotely and there are also able to see a financial summary of the project costs to help audit and keep an eye on their budget. This entire home-building process can be completed with as few as two on-site visits from the homeowners, which we can get completed for out of town homeowners. They have even experience managing home construction projects for clients that live out in California.

The premier Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes takes great pride in their ability to understand what their customers wish to see in their new home and they take these goals and then turn them into even better realities in their new homes. Newcastle homes will walk you step-by-step through each building phase and will answer any questions or concerns you have during the way. They also offer their complete comprehensive interior design to help provide a level of customization that is unheard of in the new construction market.

Throughout the years home design and construction has evolved, and Newcastle homes has kept up with the pace ever since. Many Northwest Indiana home builders, just regurgitate old home models over and over, and you will see these cookie-cutter homes throughout many neighborhoods in the Northwest Indiana home builders area. This is further from the truth when it comes to Newcastle homes. Their hands-on approach to dealing with customers and focus on listening, is revolutionary in the way that they construct their homes. They keep up with the trends in no the next hot design or construction fad. We can also build traditional and standard home, it really just depends on the customer and what they want in a home and how that will benefit their family and their lifestyle. To stop looking online for the perfect new home builder in northwest Indiana and go visit Newcastle homes website or give them a call at 219-281-6161 and they’ll be more than eager to get you started today.