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When customers are satisfied with your services, it says a lot about your company. Newcastle Homes has a reputatin for excellent customer service, integrity and on-time completion of projects. We are all about stellar designs and building strong homes. People are excited to work with us and they are glad they chose us as their homebuilders. Will you give us a chance? Let us build your dream home? Simply by giving us a call we wiull begin to talk to you and walk you through the homebuilding process. We get excited when people are ready to build a home of their dreams. At Newcastle Homes, we been providing exceptional services for over 17 years and we are Northwest Indiana Home Builders. With everything we build, we make sure that is the highest in the best. We used the best quality materials and we build our homes to last. To find the best North West Indiana home builders, look no further than us! You’ll be so glad to pick up the phone to give us a call. Give us a call today at (219) 281-6161 or visit

You’ll receive a free patio when you decide to do business with us. The three patio is great because it is our gift to you. We want you to enjoy your outdoors of your new home and spending time with your family in the area that is very comfortable and relaxing. Perhaps you have a celebration that you want to have in your backyard, this new patio will be great for setting up food on and just people to recline and relax. We also option offer of free construction financing. This way that you can get started right away or making those dreams a reality. All those architectural designs and blueprints that you need, will help you get started on it right away. To find the best North West Indiana home builders, contact us!

You’ll find that we bill with the highest quality materials. With each and every home that we build, we make sure that it is exceptional. We set the standard higher every time. And we’re all about transforming those empty lot into something absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. Just don’t take our word for, going to website and check out our gallery of photos. This gallery of photos is great because you will be able to see our workmanship. We take time to build homes that last and we put a lot of hard work and dedication to making these homes outstanding in quality and in design.

So when you’re looking for your next homebuilder, look no further than us. You’ll be so glad that you made the step to give us a call because we are all about providing you with one time completion of projects and one budget as well. We understand that sometimes you can hire someone to build something for you and the bill that you are quoted in the beginning can change at the end. Were all about working with integrity and honesty. We never cut corners or we never you any surprises. You’ll be communicated thoroughly every step of the way and if you have any questions during the homebuilding process, will be glad to get back with you with an hour. To find the best Northwest Indiana home builders, look no further than us!

So that dream home that you have within your heart and you’re ready to make a reality, look no further than us. We even offer a 3-D virtual tour. This 3-D virtual tour is great because you can see right away with your home will look like and you can even make adjustments. To find the best of Northwest Indiana home builders, look no further than us. Give us a call today at (219) 281-6161 or visit