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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Newcastle homes is the premier Northwest Indiana home builders that are head and shoulders ahead of the competition. There is no comparison constant level of detail a complete customization of your dream home. They have created a long line of satisfied customers and want you to join that ever-growing list of satisfied homeowners. You can read on their website several testimonies of people who sing their praises and highly recommend Newcastle homes as your customize builder. Many were new homebuilders and Newcastle homes want to every process, and left them feeling hundred percent satisfied with their decision and final outcome of their beautiful home.

Your Newcastle homes, the best Northwest Indian home builders, are custom built and designed for you in mind. The Brothers Rim and Dar, no how to deliver the best home simply because they listen to what their clients on strive to create the highest quality customize homes in the market. You can check out their gallery on their website to see some of their lovely customize homes and buildings. No matter what design you looking for, from bungalows to townhomes to traditional, they’ve got you covered and will work with you each step when to ensure the highest quality.

Newcastle homes is a design and construction firm located in northwest Indiana homebuilders. They are extremely passionate and love to be creative on designing and constructing each home. With an affinity for building unique home structures that really
stand out
. They set the bar extremely high what each and every house they built and they take great and wonderful pride and attention to details. Newcastle home really stands apart from other construction and design companies by not just selling more stuff in today your home. They fully utilize the size how, the room, the texture and the color details to the proper location to maximize the floor plan.

They are constantly trying to improve and learn more, thus keeping them hungry and striving to build better and more efficient every day. They attend multiple conferences and seminars and trade shows in order to improve your skills and knowledge in the construction industry. Newcastle homes, Northwest Indiana home builders, work with to perfect the and professionalism as a construction business. And you can deftly talent each and every home that this shows and they built with their clients desires in mind. They achieve this goal by simply listening to their customers and asking questions in order to better understand what they want and see in their future dream home. Balance, symmetry and proportion are extremely important to them and adds to the curb appeal.

Rim, the founder of Newcastle has been creating one-of-a-kind custom homes and properties for over 25 years. His brother Dar, has joined him in the past 18 years and together they are an unstoppable force in the new home market. The project manager Jason has been constructing custom buildings for 15 years. Their office manager Amy has five years experience in the custom home construction market. Over the past 18 years Newcastle homes has had the wonderful opportunity to construct over 100 custom homes for their clients and want you to be the next. They encourage anyone who is looking for a new home to read some of their testimonials and reviews from their highly satisfied clients. You can view these reviews at Https:// or simply give them a call at 219-281-6161 and you can meet in person or virtually in order to get started on your dream home.

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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes is your go to source for all your home construction needs. You’ll know exactly where you stand on each step of the construction process. Newcastle homes has a online scheduling software complete with mobile access so no matter where you’re at you can see where your home process is at. The system allows their clients to monitor the budget and make sure everything is staying on track. The software, clients use always comment on how easy it is to make any changes throughout the process. Because of their constantly updated stop the latest section of the building process for your home.

All this information is at your fingertips and you can stay up-to-date even if you’re miles away from Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes. They also put the same software to be able to communicate with the client and vice versa with the team effectively and efficiently. They also have a 3-D application so clients can view their home in the three dimensions and be able to see every detail and aspects of at home. They do this in order to remove the guesswork that would have if they are only building of a 2-D flat blueprint. They find that offering these benefits to their clients drastically help them visualize their dream and make decision-making much more efficient and accurate.

Newcastle homes, Northwest Indiana home builders, mainly operate in Lake County area of Northwest Indiana, but they also build in Porter County, Indiana. They also have the ability to build on your property or any other multiple lots they have. Certain subdivisions they operate in Crown point our Copper Creek and Ellendale Farms. In St. John they have subdivisions, the preserves, Greystone, Renaissance and Lake Hills just to name a few.. Many of their lives are extremely worded and private areas with large secluded backyards. They have multiple price ranges when building a custom home. These price ranges range from $100,000-$800,000. At these prices they can offer very deep basement top-of-the-line countertops, hardwood floors, three-car garage, stainless steel appliances and highly detailed landscaping in the front and back.

After you meet with us that Newcastle home, the best Northwest Indiana home builders, and they get started on your construction and complete the initial design phase their next step will be selecting certain colors and materials the exterior of the home. From there they will begin plumbing and electrical needs and design for you. After that Newcastle homes will schedule a walk-through on site to discuss all electrical switches and light placements in your new home and will work with your interior design and furniture to maximize the benefits of plugs and light switches. After that they’ll create interior color and material selection, fully catered to your design. During that phase will be able to sign your hardwood floors and create whatever style patterns emplacement you want.

The next step after that will be the countertop selection and paints. As your new home is their and completion they will conduct a final walk-through in order to inspect the home for all finish at bit issues that need to be addressed, also known as the blue tape process. Anything that you are able to fix can be changed this last customer walk-through. There is no detail overlooked matter how big or how small. Newcastle homes is your go to custom home builders and is eagerly waiting to build your home of your dreams. They have created hundreds of homes in the past eight-teen years and want you to be the next. So long onto their website@ or give them a call at 219-281-6161 to get the ball rolling today.