Northwest Indiana Home Builders | Welcome to your dream home

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Welcome to your new dream home, brought to you by the ultimate Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes. Founded in 2001 by 2 brothers, they have stuck to their guns on their principles and dedication to creating lifelong relationships with satisfied customers. The art to building wealth starts with Newcastle home, they are extremely passionate about their construction and design of new homes and apartments. They are industry-leading building construction and design firm they constantly produce the homes of clients dreams.

They accomplish this easily by simply listening to the desires and lifestyles of the homeowner. Not many other Northwest Indiana home builders take into account the customers needs and wants. The competition just builds like they’ve always built and you’ll get mediocre home. But not Newcastle homes they work meticulously and believe that beauty is in the details. They will carefully incorporate extremely specific architectural elements color choices and textures into each and every home they built. Their homes are extremely well-built and energy-efficient in custom made to meet the individuals desires. No detail is ever overlooks with Newcastle homes as they now the details can turn a great project into a perfect project. This is your home builder the way you wanted.

Newcastle homes, and a wonderful Northwest Indiana home builders have a core value of trust, creativity and respect. This is the foundation on which all of their custom homes are built, pun intended. Northwest Tom’s operates in the greater Chicago area and Northwestern Indiana regions. But they offer out of town clients the innate ability to view and interact with the project using their remotes online software. So for clients who live in Chicago we have the capability of meeting you at our office in the city. In 2001 the company started with brothers, Rim and Dar. These two brothers are extremely passionate about bringing the highest quality homes to the greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana territory. The brothers highly complement each other and skills and innovation. Rim has the design and function eye and coupled with Dar’s magnificent engineering mind. Together these two brothers are the essence of Newcastle homes and the art of building well.

They have a lot of of years under their belts in the construction industry. Rim’s construction journey began back in 1993 as he was building luxury homes and apartments with beautiful layouts and flow functionality. He excelled in creating one-of-a-kind kitchen and extremely unique bathrooms. Dar got a engineering mechanical degree in 1992 and then spent the next nine years working as an engineer. Until it was his time to reconnect with his brother and 2001 intake Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes to the next level. For over 17 years they’ve been providing the highest level of attention to detail. The devil is in the details.

So what are you waiting for Newcastle homes is the premier Northwest Indiana home builders. So please visit their website give them a call and 219-281-6161 and orders with more information or get started on your wonderful dream home today. So call them as their extremely busy in the longer you wait the longer the waiting list.

Northwest Indiana Home Builders | designed with you in mind

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes design your dream home with you at the center of it and in mind. Since Newcastle homes began in 2001 they have built hundreds of extremely custom homes in the past 17 years. They have a long list of completely satisfied clients and are adding to that list every day with every project they complete. They are always trying to learn and improve, kaizen, in order to remain the most innovative Northwest Indiana homebuilders in the area. The satisfaction of the client is their bottom line, period. They will go above and beyond in order to deliver your dream home on budget and on time. They want to constantly deliver the best possible final product to their homeowners and will work tirelessly in order to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Newcastle homes relies on the foundation of high-quality materials, trustworthiness, honesty and due diligence to get the job done. These qualities culminates make Newcastle homes the leading Northwest Indiana home builders and home innovators. They are standalone design and construction organization in Chicago region. Building a new home is easy as listening to the clients in order to develop a relationship with that client and understand the needs of designing a product that will enhance their lives. Rome was not built in the day and neither will your home. Most of new Homes Clients Understand Meticulous Honest Craftsmanship and Believe in the Extreme and Utter Importance of Built to Last Homes by Utilizing the Highest Quality Materials Available.

Relationships between the client and the construction company is extremely pivotal to the excess of your dream home. Newcastle homes strives to work and provide trust and experience back decision-making this offer you peace of mind that your home is going to end up exactly as a 3-D model states. The Northwest Indiana home builders Association, constantly honors Newcastle homes for their innovation and commitment to providing the highest quality homes in the greater Chicago area. They understand the buying a home is one of the biggest in could be serious investment your make in your life. That’s why they work with you so they now what your expectations and dreams are in your home.

When you choose a custom design for your ideal new home just now that this is the number one NW. Indiana home builders. You work with a proven design and construction firm that’s backed by years of experience and expertise. You may never thought the building home could be fun and enjoyable, the Newcastle homes makes it as easy and painless as possible. They offer a online platform it you can stay up-to-date with the phases of construction and financial schedule. They builder to may subdivision area in Crown point in St. John’s. But they can take your property and build on your lot wherever that may be the greater Chicago area. The sign-up with confidence when you go with Newcastle homes, there is no competition that stacks up to the level of commitment and dedication from brothers rim and dar.

So check out the website were called in the 219-281-6161 and discuss with their friendly and outgoing sales team. They’ll get you on the right path and you will be enjoying your new home as little as five months. So don’t worry, you will get exactly what you pay for. Newcastle homes is committed to creating a caring relationship between you and them. They’ll stop at nothing to give you the ultimate satisfaction in your new home.