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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Started in 2001 by brothers rim and dar, the ultimate Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes has been creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces for over 18 years. Let them show you exactly what it means to build well. They take tremendous pride in their ability to comprehend and understand what their clients want in their new home. Many of their clients passant build a repeat of one of their previous floor plans, which in any case is find we will change the exterior and several details on the interior of the home so that your project will be unique and not simply copy and paste onto your plot of land. In other times will piece together multiple homes in order to get that perfect fit that will flow and work for your needs. Their clients are truly as unique as their designs no matter the dream or budget Newcastle homes will get you into your dream home as painless and easy as possible.

The two brothers have a extremely high-priority and when they take into account all aspects of their clients lifestyles to ensure that they build a home that works correctly and efficiently for many decades to pass. In order to meet the market demand and to create a more efficient building process they offer their complete in-house design for every customer. Many other construction companies and Northwest Indiana home builders do not utilize the in-house design team and will frequently contract out with another design firm. When this happens details can be lost envisions can be change because it’s not all under the same house. This is what makes Newcastle homes the best Northwest Indiana home builders in the blow pass their competition with every dream home they complete.

They have a limitless floorplan selection as all of their homes are hundred percent customize and modified to fit their customers desires and needs in a home. They have many starting points that will allow their clients in order to browse an extensive and beautiful portfolio of plans and projects, although they specialize in open floorplans they can create many different types of floorplans that work with your needs. There have been numerous clients that something want a repeat of previous for plans we had used for other customers. This is not an issue and we will change minute details of everything else in order to make it unique in your own.

As a top Northwest Indiana homebuilders, Newcastle homes continuously strives to produce the highest quality one-of-a-kind homes in the greater Chicago and Northwestern Indiana area. They pay very close attention to how a room flows which includes the size and color and how the furniture plays off each other. All the rooms have proper proportions so when it is time to finally furnish your house the furniture tied together the room and makes you feel a sense of comfort once you enter that room. They state that simply making rooms as big as possible is not always better and they strive to create a floorplan that flows in and adds a sense of awe to the interior.

I encourage you to go on the website or give them a call at 219-281-6161. On the website you’ll find many examples of their well-built and beautifully built homes and you can also read some of the testimonies from previous clients. They welcome you to join Newcastle family today.

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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Newcastle homes is the leading Northwest Indiana home builders, check out their website to view some of their previous works of arts or read testimonies from previous clients who have been completely satisfied in their home ever since the initial design phase and leading up to present day with a still enjoyed their beautiful well-built homes. There are many satisfied customers since rim and dar got the company off the ground and 2001. They have been executing beautifully constructed and well thought out homes for visionary customers know what they want. But even if they didn’t know what they want Newcastle homes listens to their customers and will help guide them throughout the whole construction process. You will never be left in the dark or not know where you stand on the budget.

The Northwest Indiana home builders, Newcastle homes knows importance of treating their customers right and delivering on time and on budget, every time. They know the importance of listening and comprehending what a homeowner once for envisions in their future home. The company believes that beauty is in the details, and they work tirelessly in order to incorporate very specific architectural elements and textures into each and every home that is highly energy-efficient and custom-made for the individual.

Northwest Indiana home builders, rim and Dar, two brothers who founded the immensely successful Newcastle homes in 2001. These brothers, then each other’s skill set and costly push each other to become better in everything they do. They truly mastered the art of building well and it is evident in every detail they pursue in a home. For over 17 years they have been delivering high-quality and well-built homes for the people of Chicago and Northwestern Indiana. They are key performance indicators is complete satisfaction with their clients. That is what keeps them going year after year in a very challenging industry, that can fluctuate easily depending on how the economy is going. But their tenacity and dedication to providing well-built and well furnished homes keeps the brothers striving for more. They rely on their pillars of high quality materials, trust, honesty and diligence in order to not the home out of the park. It’s these qualities that make Newcastle homes, Northwest Indiana home builders, a huge leg over the competition. When you first meet with the Newcastle home team, you can tell immediately how passionate they are about building right in their empathy in how they interact with the customer.

To Newcastle homes designed and built experience is all about listening to what their clients want and giving them a deep understanding of their needs which will help Newcastle homes design a product perfectly matching their needs. Everyone knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day and same goes with Newcastle homes their superior culture of high quality homes are not built overnight. They are meticulously and honestly crafted and constructed from the highest quality materials around. All this together goes to make a one-of-a-kind work of art, which is your custom home.

They have an extremely customer centered approach to building homes and they will take their time and walking you through each step in fully understanding what you’re looking for in your new custom home. They provide industry back decision-making that will give you a piece of mine that your construction project is being built by the best Northwest Indiana home builders in the area. So put your mind at ease and visit or give them a call at 219-281-6161 and change the way you think about construction companies.