Are you in the market for a Northwest Indiana Home Builders? If you are the need to reach out to us here Newcastle Homes the Newcastle Homes were can be a will to provide you with the most brilliantly designed and highly constructed homes here in Northeast Indiana. The Newcastle Homes are the highest and most reviewed custom home builders in Northwest Indiana and we been building homes for almost 20 years. Very passionate about what we do we love to be creative with the newest and latest design trends in homes. Here what we do at Newcastle Homes is provide you with the opportunity to let you choose exactly what you want to us your home and they will build it from scratch in the ground up using ideas for every single part.

So if you want to find the best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, the come see us. Were to build to provide you with a fantastic design service to make sure that we build your house exactly the way you want it. You’ll come to us and we will begin the process by scheduling you to take a tour of our model home for free. We have some model homes that are built just for show for you to walk around in based on some of our most popular four plans see can see exactly what our quality is like in person, some of what our four plans like in person, and you sense of the space and the kind of design options that we have available. From there you can start choosing what you like to do based off of whatever for plan the you like. We have nearly endless amounts of four plans.

The come see us is the premier choice for Northwest Indiana Home Builders, we can help you build a house exactly the way you want to. Think of it as building a house with Legos in your kid and making the house you want, but doing that in real life the materials in the options that you want and we will make it for you. We make sure that we design something to fit your budget, and will break down the process and amendable chunks and supply you with nearly limitless customization options of four plans to choose from. What will even make you a 3-D custom home design see can see the home and 3-D space before we ever commit to a to make sure that you love the home that you have design.

And then we can build talk to you about our no-brainers as well whatever you come to us. Everybody comes in build a house with us get the patio for free, and will also provide you with free construction financing some employees know construction loans. And on top of all that, we provide you with an on-time guarantee and on budget guarantee to give you peace of mind that you won’t spend more than you intended it will take longer than you wanted.

If you’re just and what we will build to do for you here Newcastle Homes and I stayed in touch with us by calling us a 219-281-6161 or go directly to our website anytime at for all the information you could want about how we are going to build help you design and build your own home.

Northwest Indiana Home Builders | A Custom Home Is Very Important

Whenever it comes to finding the right Northwest Indiana Home Builders, many people find funny the right builder for their custom home crucial. You want to make sure that you are getting somebody trust and has a proven track record. You deftly can get that whenever you come to Newcastle Homes. Newcastle Homes, we feel that it is very important what we do, offering people the customer with her dreams. We feel that our service is vital because people that are able to customize and build their home from the ground up are more likely to be in love with their home in stay in their home for the rest of their life. We make sure that we provide a service for the people of Northwest Indiana, because we want people to absolutely be in love with their own 100% and make sure that the house they live and feels like home they’ve always wanted.

When it comes to Newcastle Homes, being the Northwest Indiana Home Builders, we want to make sure that we get it exactly right for you. We were make sure that we keep you involved or is the way from the very beginning until the construction is over and we handed the keys to move in. We are very proud of the homes we built for customers and they are very happy with the results we provide is where the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder Northwest Indiana today and we been building these homes for almost 2 decades. Want to make sure that the home that we build for you as an exact representation of your vision and what you wanted and that you will be 110% satisfied with home that you always wanted.

We will make sure that we make it easier for you then anybody else achieve the home of your dreams so when you come to us as the most trusted Northwest Indiana Home Builders, then we can help you with some great incentives. First of all we can offer you free construction financing. Want to make sure that there no action also that we reduce the barriers to coming to us and allowing us to build you the home of your dreams. Sadly, we can offer you a free cover patio for your home. Everybody gets a free patio and on top of that we also offer you peace of mind because we can offer you an on time guarantee and on budget guarantee so you feel good about knowing that we won’t ever with your time or your money.

Our processes been broken down into manageable chunks here so that we company a step-by-step as we help you all along the way each and every step, and we are going to provide you with endless amount of customization options of four plans without ever being overwhelming we design house you always wanted them provide you with a custom 3-D home design sequence see 3-D before we ever start to build.

If you’re just and what we do for you here at Newcastle Homes, and you want the home of your dreams, the know hesitate to get touch with us by calling us at 219-281-6161 or you can always go to our website at