When it comes to being a Home Builder St John, here Newcastle Homes, we take the fact that we are the highest most viewed custom homebuilder here in Northwest Indiana seriously. We want to make sure that we love to our reputation, with each every one of our potential homebuilders provide you the very best experience the rear first company give us call. Expect from a home building process, we can break it down into details make sure that you understand what it’s like to go to the process if you’re unaware if you’ve never done it before. Here Newcastle Homes, we been building homes here for almost 20 years. Since 2001, in 19 years, we’ve been building high quality build to the past, you to our website anytime at northwestindianahomebuilders.com check out the photo you the high quality self and also check out our reviews people been extremely happy with the results that we have provided them.

But also to give us call anytime at 219-281-6161 and speaking to us and the premier Home Builder St John, and as the highest most reviewed Northwest Indiana. What you give us call, working to be able to set you up with a free model home tour to see some of our model homes are fully furnished and decorated to get a sense of the canprovided and the kind high quality work that we provide high quality that we use you can set a sense of the space before plans and the customization options we provide. From there we can going to give you a free estimate, and we can set you up with the design process you like utilize our process. We have managed to take was normally complex process and manageable chunks help you through every step of the way. We make it step by step choose and find something that fit your budget.
Utilize industry custom home design with three software, we can walk into the home before it’s built to the can be completely aware of what the finished space feel like you want to you want. We are a Home Builder St John, we also coming dedicated to make sure the get exactly what you want in providing great customer service, and from there once all the design options have been mailed down, working to start construction and we make provide you with a better process than anybody else as well. Her favorite things what we do here Newcastle Homes is we start the construction process and we give you an on-time and on budget guarantee. What this means is that we will by the time specified, and not go over budget that we probably established only design the home. That’s a promise from us.

And can provide you with better incentives the process like make sure that you get free construction financing during the construction phase, and you get a free covered patio were building homes will. These are the steps that we go from here at Newcastle Homes, to provide better process, and that was the construction is finished, then we can get you takes on average about five months.

So whenever you’re ready to us give us call anytime at 219-281-6161. Speak with members directly to get started on this process anytime, you can find more information at northwestindianahomebuilders.com we can find FAQs customer testimonials and much more.

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Whenever comes what we do here Newcastle Homes, where the business of building dream home your Northwest Indiana, and we are also a Home Builder St John. We are proud to be the highest most in a, and building homes here for over 19 years. So for almost 2 decades, we have been providing people with high quality custom homes people are very low with. Were to make sure that you see passion. Providing people with your dream home is an important business most people there dream home is the ultimate goal. Is the culmination of all the work, and everything they want out of life for themselves and for the family. You’re ready to build your dream home, don’t leave just anybody, and if you’re living here in Lake County or Porter County or you intend do, then, talk to us here Newcastle Homes first because we have you covered. We believe that if you can dream it, we can do it.

We provide the important and essential service of providing people with a home of their dreams, so get that lesson we can get started right away on our better design service that you can find anywhere else. Not only is building home important, it’s important to make sure that you have the right companies can make sure you great experience because this is arty by its nature a stressful and time-consuming process, and we want to make sure that we make it easy and convenient as possible. In addition to being a Home Builder St John, we are also proud to have a better design service for customers built-in as well. We break it down in the steps that we can help you through one step at a time starting with picking the for plan. Even picking the for bring can be overwhelming for some people and we have endless amount for plan to choose from working to make sure that we give you the professional help that you need from experts for can help you pick the right for plan for you and then we can build from there as we design you something to fit your budget.

Making sure you write is crucial because everybody, or even some people, with their entire lives other dream, and we want to make sure that is everything they’ve always wanted it is up to their stated. And that is why here at Newcastle Homes, we make sure we take this resourcefully seriously as well as being a Home Builder St John, working to build provide you with a home that you’ve always wanted to make sure that is a great memorable experience, and we also want to make sure that it gets carried out to your wishes and is exactly what you’ve always wanted. As you said, if you dream it we can do it, and something that we’ve done the past for some of our previous clients things like indoor sports courts, media rooms, and theater rooms and much more. So to make sure that we reflect everything they’ve always wanted to make sure you get exactly what you want because you deserve it.

In order to make sure that we make those reality, we also offer you better incentives than anybody else. We give you free construction financing in a free covered patio only build your home on top of an on-time guarantee and on budget guarantee. The promise of the waste your time or your money to get to us and we can get started, because it takes about five months for us to finish home. Also get touch with us we can provide you with free estimates at anytime.

If you and your free estimate state reach out to us by calling us anytime at 219-281-6161 are going to the website whenever you like to find more information about who we are what we can do for you at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.