Whenever Newcastle Homes was established back in 2001, it brought together the talents of two brothers who were both experts in their field of learn to combine their talents to provide a better customer experience to the people of Northwest Indiana. Rim expert in design and was designing luxury homes and condominiums, and his brother Dar, mechanical engineer. They started to take their areas of expertise and their passions and talent Newcastle Homes. They took joy the kind design down here Newcastle Homes, a reliable Home Builder St John, we have almost 2 decades of experience and we believe that if you can dream it, we can do it. We love to make sure that we provide you with the most recent items design trends and not just engineering but also in overall design of the layout the structure and even the exterior to make sure that you get the most beautiful and the kind. It today.

They also, since starting in 2001 and becoming a Home Builder St John in that time, they ever find the design process over and over until they have created a better design process in any the competition out there as well. Where most companies still get a wrong and leading their homebuyers into a complex sometimes overwhelming stressful situation, we want to make sure that we make it as simple as possible. We’ve section out into manageable chunks we can take you through step-by-step with her experts there with you each step of the way to make sure they can answer your questions and provide their expertise in their input when needed. We can help you choose a four plan from an unlimited number of options, and tons of customization options put together and create infinite possibilities and combinations. We can help you design something to fit your budget, and provide you the house of your dreams.

This is all as a direct vision of the two founding fathers, and to make sure that in addition to writing these incredibly high quality homes that are in high demand all across that they also want to make sure they provide the right price. Our homes are generally considered luxury homes, and for these incredible luxury homes that have some incredible customization options build to them, we provide incredible value and we also throw in a lot of great incentives as well to make sure that you get a great experience and you don’t get nickel and dime to the entire homebuying experience. They also made the decision to be a Home Builder St John, something that helps several families every year.

They have instituted several incredible helpful incentives to the process here at Newcastle Homes to make sure that you’re getting even more value. We provide free estimates for everybody that is interested, and then we provide you with a custom 3-D home design to make sure that you love every single thing about your home design with 3-D walk-through of your home before construction starts and then construction we can offer you free construction financing and also a free covered patio and also give you an on time and on budget guarantee.

We provide so much for incredible price for me come to us and see what Rim and Dar have created here. If you’re interested in these kinds of things and the kind of home building experience, the make she get touch with us here at because by calling us at 219-281-6161 or a good record to our website whenever you like to find all this information plus much more about what we do it Newcastle website.

Am I In The Right Place To Find The Best Home Builder St John Has?


If you’re out there looking for a Home Builder St John in the area of Indiana, then we encourage you to come and see we do here at Newcastle Homes. Call us, because we believe that to be a real no-brainer of a decision who should build your dream home. In addition to being a, here at Newcastle Homes we also the highest and most reviewed experience here in Northwest Indiana and we are prepared to provide you with passionate service dedicated to high quality homes based on expert engineering and design utilizing the most recent trends in the newest designs. We believe here at Newcastle Homes that if you can dream it, we can do it. And we challenge you to come and we can do for you. There’s Ray nothing out of bounds a Newcastle Homes because we’ve done things as indoor sports courts, in home movie theaters and as was pet showers, sauna rooms and much more for our customers custom-built homes in the past.

Also if you can appreciate the fact that we are a Home Builder St John, then you can also utilize that as a jumping off point to get in contact with us to see we can make your life better. People call specifically because aside from being the highest and most reviewed the extra reputation we also have an assertive backup because we had been providing these kinds of homes for almost 2 decades. Just 2001, we had been providing high-quality design services experiences that results in a highly customized home find anywhere else in Indiana.

The fact that we provide incredible design process that you will find anywhere else either. We have managed to figure out the complex stressful process of designing and building a custom-built home and break it down into simple steps with our experts that are there with you every step of the way to provide you with the help and the guidance and advice and expertise when you need it. We can help you choose the for plan and we can design something to fit your budget and some is truly one-of-a-kind and fully customize.

We also provide you with better incentives than anybody else whenever you come here to Newcastle Homes aside from being a Home Builder St John and a company that gives back, whenever you come to us you get a free estimate to start the process. Then you get a free custom 3-D home design to make sure you that you can see your real-time 3-D before we commit the construction, and then once we want to construction to get free construction financing and a free covered patio on top of an on-time guarantee and on budget guarantee for services really love that we produce and especially the an incredible value as well.

So if you’re interested in what we can do for you, then we encourage you to give us call utilizing these many reasons and if you need more reasons that is visit our website for more at Newcastle website. The find tons of great info there, whenever you’re ready to start is give us call directly at 219-281-6161.