If you’re impressed by homebuilders that are also Home Builder St John, then make sure that if you are in Northwest Indiana the a look at Newcastle Homes. Newcastle Homes is the premier local custom home building company. We build homes all throughout Northwest Indiana and we become the premier choice for anybody looking to build their dream home, as where the highest and most reviewed custom home building company also throughout this portion of the state. We have been building for over 17 years here, and we are passionate about what we do and love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends in home construction home design. We firmly believe here that if you can dream it, then we can do it, because we love being challenged in providing incredible designs the people that live in our homes.

So as a Home Builder St John, here Newcastle Homes, we’re proud to be a will to provide people with homes that they truly consider their dream homes in want to live in four decades and keeping their families for generations we’re proud to serve the people of Northwest and we have, over the last two decades developed a process that makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever to take on the complex process of design we have running on the process and amendable chunks for people we can help them step in designing their home up until the point of instruction in which we take it from there and that provide you.

We can begin the process here, as a Home Builder St John, by providing you with a model home tour of some of our Newcastle Homes that are built from the ground up so you can specifically them and have a look at some of our most popular four plans to see I know what you like to make design decisions based off of those. We can then help you choose the for plan some of the other major design decisions so that we can move forward with providing you with a custom 3-D home design. This way we can mockup your home with state-of-the-art software see can do a virtual walk-through of your home before we ever start construction and you can find out exactly what you like what you dislike so if there’s anything perfect to you we can make changes construction begins.

We also are proud to be a will to offer you the most limitless floor plans and thousands of customization options. Jesus here as the premier choice in Northwest Indiana simply because it covers the construction, and it such a wide variety of options and impeccable design. On top of that involves some great incentives a free estimate and a free covered patio in, and we also provide you with an on-time guarantee and on budget.

If you live in Northwest Indiana and you would like your dream home built by they reach out to get touch with us by calling us at 219-281-6161 go directly to our website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com all this information and much and reach out to us as soon as you’re ready to take us up on our free consultation

Home Builder St John | Founded By Two Brothers.

If you’re interested in Newcastle Homes is the fact that they are a Home Builder St John, then you also may be wondering how Newcastle Homes came about. Founded over 17 years ago by two brothers you both had backgrounds in construction remodeling but one had a interest in design in the other had engineering. They decided to combine there to talents in their experience in construction and founded Newcastle Homes. Today Newcastle is known as the premier choice for a custom-built the homes in Northwest Indiana and we have become the highest reviewed custom homebuilder in the area.

Here at Newcastle Homes, a Home Builder St John, we have a passion for what we do in a love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends in the home industry and we can dream it, we can do it. We have the same high standards for construction and design of functionality to provide you a home that anybody can be jealous of. These two brothers of also established a company that provides excellent customer service in addition to amazing homes, because they have streamlined the custom home design process make it easier and in trouble for their homebuyer/builders.

Newcastle Homes, a Home Builder St John, they know that designing and building home can be stressful complex located in experience, but they have been able to break down the process and amendable chunks in which we can help step-by-step to find all the right choices for your designs and help guide you through the process was never overwhelming, is not stressful actually be quite fun. We can even provide you with a custom design state-of-the-art software see can do a virtual walk-through of your home before we start construction to establish that you love everything about it and if you find something that you as crazy about you thought, we can make changes to the design before start building.

Here Newcastle Homes we’ve taken the two decades of experience we have building and make sure that we have perfected the process for you. But as making for you your cost, and we will provide you with some great incentives. First going to be charged free estimate consultation, and then we can also we also are excited to build to provide you with a free covered patio and then once the construction begins we also are proud to be a will to tell you that we guarantee we guarantee to be on budget and on time. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money.

Have Newcastle home construct your next home you get touch with us at at 219-281-6161 a go to our website at, and check out all the information that we have their including some of the background we give you here more details about the two brothers, and check out more information including more details about our construction and design process as well as some wonderful photo galleries and customer testimonials.