What kind of service we actually provide here, to know that in addition to being a Home Builder St John, we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder that not only do we provide you with a custom home of your dreams, we also provide an incredible design process that you may actually enjoy as opposed to the other custom home companies tend to turn it into. We are the highest and most reviewed when it comes to custom homes in Northwest Indiana and we been providing these custom homes from two decades now. People come to us as the premier destination for custom home here because are passionate about what we do and that is evident in the results that we provide. We loved be creative with the latest and newest designs in both engineering and and aesthetics it comes to the exterior of your home.

What were ability to very well here, better than other companies is provide you with an excellent design process. As a Home Builder St John, we love to serve people, and we want to make sure that whenever you come part of our design process we want to make it as simple and as enjoyable as possible. Were other companies get a wrong is take the complexity the massive what a typical custom designed and built home be and that over to the homebuyer who gets overwhelmed and frustrated and stressed out. We have been able to Semper Fi this process into steps so that you can take it step-by-step we help you choose the for plan and move on from there with experts by are cited design and construction to help you make the right choices and end up with the perfect house that you’ve always wanted.

The other half of our service delivering you excellently crafted we can provide this to you in about six months, and in addition to being a, we also are very proud of the fact that we are known for incredibly high quality construction and impeccable design work from our Home Builder St John. So we help you design, and then we build it, and we deliver to you the dream home that you’ve always wanted. That is the service that we are at Newcastle Homes, and if you like to take part in this, the know hesitate to reach out to us anytime. And in order to help people’s dreams come true provide them with the service and more efficient and affordable manner, we do everything we can to provide you with incentives to return.

First time you get a free estimate, and on top of that, throughout the design process we provide you several different amenities including a custom 3-D home design will be able to take in a 3-D environment as you tour your own home before it’s ever built. That we can also provide you with a promise to be on time and on budget with an on-time on budget guarantee during the construction, and we also provide the construction financing is zero charge will also provide you with a free covered patio at the same time p.

If you want that kind of service then don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Newcastle Homes by calling us anytime at 219-281-6161 we can get touch with member anytime to discuss your needs or to set up a free estimate, or you go directly to the website find tons of other great information directly at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.

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If you’re looking for company that gives back by being a Home Builder St John and looking for a custom homebuilder that provides incredibly customize high-quality luxury homes but does so for incredible value than you would look at what we do here Newcastle Homes. Here Newcastle Homes, we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder in Northwest Indiana. And we are not the highest and most reviewed and the premier destination for anybody seeking a custom-built home here just because we do really great homes provide better value by providing you with the credible affordable pricing for luxury home price points, and that we also is to several different incentives throughout the process to make sure you get the most out of a company that is going to provide you with an extremely high quality very custom built home here in Indiana.

So when it comes down to it, as a primary Home Builder St John here in Indiana, here Newcastle Homes, most of our homes fall the range of $400,000-$800,000. Of course depends on where you choose to build, and a what you choose to build. This can fluctuate anywhere within that range sort of factors. But what we can help with his provide you a clearer picture of what we can provide your dream home for whenever you give us a call and allow. We can provide you with a free estimate to let you know approximately what house that you want to build is going to cost. But in general here Newcastle Homes in just about all of our homes, fall within that range.

Some people may see this as an outrageous price, especially for a Home Builder St John but whenever you consider the fact that we provide you with a fully custom home, on premium lots here in Northwest Indiana in the fact that are for our homes can come with 9 foot deep basements, stainless steel appliances, three car garages, landscape and the whole 9 yards, you’re actually getting an incredible value in addition the fact that we also make sure that we as to several different incentives to provide you with extra money in the bank every.

We party part of the fact that we provide you with free estimates, but that we can also going to talk about the fact that we give you a custom 3-D home design which you can take a virtual 3-D tour of your home before we start construction free of charge which is just one example. Also whenever the construction starts you get the construction financing completely free and we thrown a free cover patio on your home as well. There’s no catch, that part is completely free in your also can get peace of mind by getting in on time and on budget guarantee once we start construction.

You with great incentives an incredible savings and we can talk to us here at Newcastle Homes. If you’re interested in the kind of homes that we provide as such an incredible price point, the make she get touch with us to start the process members set up your free estimate for a model home tour for free at 219-281-6161. In the meantime you can also check out about us for you through our website at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.