Live and Lake County or even in Porter County seeking a custom home building company, then get touch with Newcastle Homes. Only are we the highest most viewed custom homebuilder in Northwest Indiana that is right here and but were also a Home Builder St John. So whenever you’re seeking a home building company here in your area, then you got one of the best around the Newcastle Homes. Our homes can stand you with any the other homes here built in the state, and we are undoubtedly the best here whenever you’re looking for spray cost you in Northwest Indiana. We been building homes here for almost 2 decades, and working to make sure that you get the highest quality result and also a better process than anybody else in the area can provide. Is because were very passionate about what we do we want to make sure that you can see our love for getting creative with newest and latest design. You can dream it, we can do it and there’s really no limits of the kind of houses that we can provide to you here Newcastle Homes.

So if you live here in Northwest Indiana, specifically in Lake County or Porter County, and you can appreciate the fact that we are Home Builder St John glad give us call to see what we can do. We provide you with a better design process to make it even easier for you because we break it down into smaller chunks and step-by-step process to make it easier for you as homebuilder. Whenever let a good stress for overwhelming because we can help you through every step of the way starting out with help you choose the for plan in the picture budget. Nobody in the area is can make it easier for you a result the Newcastle Homes make sure the get to this whatever you started in your community building your own custom home here anywhere in this area.

Also want to check us out as a Home Builder St John because here Newcastle Homes, we also provide you with a free three custom home design for your home before it’s built utilizing cutting-edge software to make sure you love every in your home before whenever start building it. There’s no surprises because were can make sure that we help you design every portion of your specifications exactly and make sure that your love with your design before we start the construction and we but one single hammer to a male. We take pride in the engineering that we provide here so you get incredibly beautiful home is also super functional and have excellent pill but is also going to be incredibly functional and extremely well built.

Whenever you’re looking for some of his closest to you Northwest Indiana, then Newcastle Homes to be the premier destination for anybody seeking a custom-built home because we provide you with superior service in every way. Spirit homes, superior service, we also give you an incredible incentives and other companies just offer. We offer you on time and on budget guarantee for the construction, free construction financing in a free covered patio during the construction as well.

So call to give into the free estimates and we offer also by calling strictly 219-281-6161 in the meantime we encourage you to the website at we can find all this information much more.

Why Do You Need The Home Builder St John Has To Offer?


If you can appreciate the fact will builder my also be a Home Builder St John, the, talk to us here Newcastle Homes. Here Newcastle Homes, we are the highest most best Indiana, and efficiently with us it might be because we been around since 2001, building homes here in Indiana and Northwest Indiana specifically for almost 20 years. Were very passionate about what we do in the is a direct reflection of our founding fathers, Rim and Dar. These two brothers has a very specific cause the so they can combine their powers in 2000 want to create Newcastle Homes, and we have been a massive success ever since. This because people can see the passion we have about what we do here in our love to be creative with the latest newest designs.

That’s because we come from two brothers who are experts in design and engineering. Ranking for background of luxury condominium design, and he parted with his brother star who was an engineer. They decided they can take their complementary talents and create a better home building company here in Northwest in a, one of the people needed. There were to make sure they provide the highest quality homes in the design with a better service might as well because the design in the construction. And they created Newcastle Homes, and ever since then, we’ve been providing homeowners with incredibly beautiful high-quality custom built homes, to reflect home of your dreams they’ve always wanted, and we are also a Home Builder St John.

No whenever you can Newcastle Homes, also a Home Builder St John, you’re coming to a company that knows how to provide you with a better design process that breaks it down into manageable pieces so we can take it step-by-step from beginning to end with somebody to help you every step of the way. Were also to be able to provide you with a better construction process because whenever you come Newcastle Homes, working to give you an on-time and on budget guarantee for the entire construction process. Instead of wasting your time and money, we promise make sure that we remain on time and on budget, and you never have to worry about taking too long, or being more than you originally set budget for.

To get to us here at Newcastle Homes, we also going to build provide you with a home the comes with free construction financing, a free covered patio and free estimates just to get started. We also do things like make sure that you get a cost of 30 home design seek want to your home before to them built to you can see every inch of your home before we restart construction and there so that in mind that you’re getting exactly what you always wanted. We utilize the values and the sensibilities were to find filers make sure we combined great design, and construction together to make sure you get the best house available here in Northwest Indiana.

So if you’re ready for the highest quality customer the home to make sure the reach out to us here Newcastle calling strictly 219-281-6161, we can go to the website whenever you like to find more information about who we are and what we can do for you can things like FAQs customer testimonials galleries anytime at