If you wonder where the closest location is for you to custom-built your next Newcastle Homes, then you can make a simple pilot that Newcastle homes are built only in West Indiana currently, and in certain parts of areas of Chicago. Currently if you would like a Newcastle home either to already be in our Northwest Indiana and area or you have to be willing to move here. We have not expended yet anywhere else and if you want more information about exactly what our build radius is you can always give us a call or visit our website. But for those of you who are arty here are interested in moving to Northwest Indiana, we can provide you with incredible custom-built homes with a very heavy focus on design and providing you with a unique home that nobody else has. We can do just about anything we believe that if you can dream it, we can do it as an amazing Home Builder St John

Once you have made the commitment to build a custom home with Newcastle Homes here in Indiana, you will be faced with several design choices. We are very design focus company and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends and we can help you to that process from the for plan on down to the exterior design and then the interior design as well if you should choose for us to that for you as well. Provide you with several customization options that will help you walk through a step-by-step basis until we get to everything into the construction. We provide you several features you can choose from two or really just about anything that you can think of that ranges from anything we’ve done in the past including dog doors and pet showers to outdoor kitchens to indoor sports courts and even theater rooms in media rooms as the greatest Home Builder St John.

So what to commit to Northwest Indiana with a Newcastle home and this Home Builder St John, then we can get you through the design process and then before we commit to building a home and break ground, you can provide you with a 3-D model of your home with state-of-the-art software that can provide you with a virtual tour of your home see you can see exactly what your house is going to look like before we build it.

Whenever you build with us here and we can also offer some awesome incentives which include free construction financing on the construction phase your home and then we can build you free covered patio as well. Perhaps most poorly that fact that we always offer our homes to come with an on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee see never have to worry about being a day late a dollar short.

So if you want a Newcastle Homes in Indiana the make she gives us a call at 219-281-6161 you visit us on our website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com we can find much information and then you send us any questions comments or concerns and be sure to check out our customer testimonials and our photo gallery as well.

Home Builder St John | A Brief History Of Newcastle Homes.

When it comes to your favorite Home Builder St John here in the Northwest portion of Indiana, Newcastle Homes, there’s a good chance you may have heard of us, but you may not know how we get our start. Started in 2001 by two brothers, Rim and Dar, one of whom was a successful engineer, and one of whom was a successful luxury home and condominium designer. In 2001 they decided to combine their talents and create Newcastle Homes. Now in the last nearly 2 decades, they had been creating custom-built homes that are heavily focused on design. With Rim’s incredible design talents leading the team a Newcastle Homes and Dar’s engineering skills in the pack on the custom-built aspect of the homes and the quality of the homes, we have created the best a custom-built home package in Northwest Indiana.

When it comes to our design process we are proud to be passionate about what we do and love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends in homes. When it comes to the design process we can incorporate everything to the actual design of the home itself and the customization features and if you can dream it we can do it. Step-by-step process a guide you through the design process in which we can figure out every aspect of the home to make it completely functional and unique to your needs and wants and we have a four plan that can provide everybody with the budget and the need for their family here at this Home Builder St John. As a Home Builder St John that is innovating with 3-D technology software that state-of-the-art so we can provide you with a mockup of exactly what you like to commercial want to see going to full we ever even begin construction. You know exactly what your house is going to like if there’s anything when you change then we can make sure that we change it before construction begins. This expedience the process and makes it cheaper and it sure to get exactly what you want and the piece of my mind that comes with knowing that.

They also have had the foresight of making sure that we offer our customers with incredible incentives and value when they come to Newcastle Homes. When you get a Newcastle home he also gets a free covered patio and you get free construction financing. We also provide you with an on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee. That can be a huge relief to some people knowing that they will be a day late and dollar short.

If you can appreciate the history of Newcastle Homes and what we been a will to accomplish with a custom-built are designed to get touch with us at 219-281-6161 and of course, visit us on our website to get the full story and all the details at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com we can also check out the customer testimonials from people that really love our you can also see a generous photo gallery.