When it comes to a homebuilder here in Northwest Indiana you want to make sure that you are getting in touch with the company can trust in the produces high quality results. So working to give you 10 reasons why should reach out to Newcastle if you’re looking for home builder. The first is the most objective reason that anybody should come and see us is because we currently are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder Northwest Indiana which means that we had been chosen by the people based on the reviews as the best destination in. Reason number two is to be for the fact that we are a Home Builder St John. We make sure that we get back and we build homes for St. John regularly. Reason number three fact that we have an unofficial motto here at Newcastle Homes because we like to say that if you can dream it, we can do it. We believe, because if you want something like working to be a will to provide that to you and we have done in the past. Number four is that here at Newcastle Homes, we are actually a company that has been providing these high quality custom-built homes for almost 2 decades now.

Reason number five you should reach out and touch us here Newcastle Homes for the fact that besides being a Home Builder St John we are also very passionate about what we do as far as providing custom-built homes and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends and we have built a reputation on providing state-of-the-art homes are incredibly well engineered and decide inside now. Number six is something for the fact that we have a better design process in place than anybody else in which we have broken down and amendable chunks that you can take it step-by-step with an expert to help you every step of the way.

Reason number seven is that we have an almost endless amount of four plans to choose from and when you combine that with an incredible amount of customization options total, you have an almost infinite amount of possibility. Reason eight because we provide you with a custom 3-D home design that we provide with all the major design decisions have been nailed down we can take a virtual tour and walked to have your we have been building and set make absolutely sure that you love the design. People also really appreciate the fact that we are a Home Builder St John and that we give back.

Reason number nine is the fact that we provide you with an on-time guarantee and on budget guarantee for your home during the construction phase. That’s invaluable to some people. And reason number 10 is because we provide incredible amount of incentives whenever you come see us here Newcastle Homes such as free estimates whenever you start the process. We also offer you construction financing for free and zero loans involved, and we also throw in a free cover patio to top it off.

So if you get behind the fact that we are a Home Builder St John, the make sure that you give us call whenever you’re interested in a custom-built home here by calling us at 219-281-6161 we go directly to the website to find all this information and many many other reasons to give us call at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.

Want To Know Why You Should Use Our Home Builder St John Has?


When it comes to being a Home Builder St John, and premier destination for a custom-built best in it, a couple of reasons why people us over the competition. The only perfect with the highest and most reviewed and the homebuilder here in the area, there several other reasons why people come to us, and we want to us for what makes us different and with as part of the companies and why people come to us as the premier destination when it comes time to make a choice for a custom-built home here. For starters and her that we had been providing the services for almost a decade we are a company that has been building custom-built homes in high quality manner since 2001. That’s over 19 years, and get better with age.

People also come to us because we have better services anybody else in addition to being a Home Builder St John. There also can design as well, but there are not many companies out there that can really sets out there as a selling point we are able to do that here at Newcastle we admitted to design process to be simpler and more enjoyable than anybody else. Most people fact that the design process is deftly part of the services they provide, and here we recognize that to make sure that is more enjoyable, easier than it would be most other places. Building it can be a complex matter, and can really way down after a while, but here we want to make sure that we break that process down into manageable to take it step-by-step with her experts, we can help you choose the for plan and help you every step of the way and is that your budget. We can also even implement a 3-D custom designed to see can see your home and full 3-D rendering they virtual

People also choose us because they know that even aside from the fact that we are a Home Builder St John, we are very passionate about what we do and it’s evident in the results that we provide. Only are we passionate about design process to help you figure out what your home is going to be, when it comes to construction, a passion evident in the finished product. You can see a Newcastle home from my away because it is always expertly constructed an incredibly fleet impeccably design because the interior and engineering as well as the exterior. We take great pride the fact the latest and newest designs in our homes people know that we provide a truly unique time.

People also come to us here because amount incentives with free estimates being the person many. The free estimates day for free construction financing and free covered book about the fact on budget and on time guarantee for your well.

Humor your curiosity and give us call for at 219-281-6161 to set up your free estimate to see we can do for you by calling us directly going to the website to have many of your questions answered right there with a generous FAQ’s, tons of information, photo galleries and much more at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.