Are you trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders? If you, then the primary destination for you is Newcastle Homes. That’s because Newcastle Homes is the premier destination for anybody seeking to build a custom-built home. In Northwest Indiana, and we are also the highest and most reviewed. So if you want the best here to get touch with us. If you’re wondering specifically where in this Northwest portion of Indiana that we build homes, then you can check out our website where our communities are located, but we pulled all throughout Lake County and Porter County. Our primary focus is Lake County but we also built in Porter County, and not only can we build homes in our existing Newcastle Homes communities, but we can also build on your own private land. So for those of you out there trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders, just come look at what we do here in these two counties in these communities, and you can see what the best homes in Indiana.

Anybody wishing to live in these counties in Northwest Indiana are going to be in our service area and we can with incredibly well constructed homes that are truly custom-built, and have impeccable design implement and not just on the exterior but inside as well to make sure they reflect great functionality in addition to beauty. Were very passionate about what we do here Newcastle Homes, and we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends. We believe that if you can dream it, we can do it. So, Newcastle Homes has a company that was started by two brothers who are experts in design and engineering can find their talents into the highest quality homes in Indiana.

So if yourself in need of or trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders, then come and talk to us here. If you live in Northwest Indiana or if you wish to find a new home in Northwest Indiana then we will build to provide you with a better design process here. Consider yourself lucky because here at Newcastle Homes, we provide a better process than the majority of the other custom home builders out there. We know what a complex Mexican be to try design build a home with other companies, and we have managed to break the process down and amendable chunks here for you and guide you through every step of the process.

And if you’re lucky enough to build custom homes here Northwest Indiana and get home from Newcastle Homes, then you should also fill really good about the factory getting an on time guarantee and on budget guarantee in the construction as was getting the financing for free. And then we also throw in a free covered patio.

So if you’re here Northwest Indiana or if you live in Northwest Indiana do not hesitate to get touch with Newcastle Homes first. Reach out to us at number whenever you’re ready at 219-281-6161 or you go to the website first it is more convenient for you to find all the information there which we have a ton of including multiple resources like FAQs, testimonials and photo galleries at

Can I Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders In The Area?


For people out there trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders, they often end up here at Newcastle Homes. Is by no accident, because here Newcastle Homes not only are we the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder in Indiana or Northwest Indiana specifically, but that is simply because we have incredibly well constructed and if the design homes are hard to ignore. People get drawn to us, and whenever they come to us the often have a lot of questions and we cover a lot of these on our website at But as a company that has been providing the services for almost 2 decades, no for people looking for in the kind of questions they had been we can pick out some of the most common questions and answer them right here.

Quite often when people come to us trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders, they want to know where we can build. That’s an excellent question, because whenever we build homes, we focus primarily on Lake County and Porter County here Northwest Indiana. We do have Newcastle home communities of our existing can build on the land that we are to have with lots within those communities, but we also provide you with the opportunity to build on your own land. We have course have restrictions our service area but in general we build all throughout Lake County and Porter County. So if you have any questions about where exactly we can build on any customized piece of land to get touch with us directly and we can answer those questions or speaks my directly anytime.

People also come to us when they are trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders wondering how much our homes cost. That’s another excellent question, because we can Newcastle Homes, a price point is generally around $400,000-$800,000. At this price point you get a lot of incredible benefits from this as well. In a price point also includes 9 foot deep basements, quartz countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, landscaping and three car garages. So even though our price point can be on the higher end of things, you get an incredible amount of value because pack a lot that, and also our homes are deeply customizable.

People also ask about the types of incentives that we provide as a company that built a really good homes and also has a higher price point. And that’s another great question because in every come to us for an estimate with free estimates, and you’re the design process most of that is going to be completely free as well up until we provide you with the purchase agreement. We even offer you the free model home tour and we give you a custom 3-D home design at no charge as well. These some of the most current 3-D technology to provide you with a virtual 31 before we start construction so that we can refine it if there’s any changes the need to be made. We also provide you with free construction financing involving zero loans, we also give your free cover patio and you can feel good about the fact that throughout the construction process you get in on time guarantee and on budget guarantee.

If you have any more questions concerns about what we do here Newcastle Homes, the don’t hesitate to go to the website at to find tons of other great information they can answer your questions including our comprehensive FAQ section. You can also give us call directly anytime at 219-281-6161 to speak to somebody directly asked about anything and let us address any questions comments or concerns directly from one of our team members.