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Whenever you come and talk to us here Newcastle Homes, we are going to be able to tell you about everything that we do, and sway those looking to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders with some incredible incentives to get started. First of all you get free estimates. So you don’t have to worry about committing any kind of financial burden just to talk to us. We can provide you with free estimates and then we are also going to offer you a free model home tour to kick off the process and most of the design process in general is completely free custom 3-D home design to give you a virtual tour of your home in before construction begins.

And if you want to build the perfect home here Northwest Indiana, then there’s no better company because unlike other companies that claim to be custom building companies, we are a custom-built home experience because we provide you limitless amounts of four plans and customization options as opposed to others to give you a pretty strict handful of options that can result in many different combinations and possibilities.

So if you want to consider living in our neck of the woods and especially if we are already near you, and you’re looking to move or create that forever home, then give us a call immediately so that we can start the process which takes quite a while for a high quality custom-built home, and get started today by dialing 219-281-6161. If you’d like to take a different approach to our website first and feel free to do that anytime at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com.

Where Would One Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders?


If you’re somebody out there trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders, and you’ve come across Newcastle Homes any part about our incredible homes in the fact that we are asked the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder here in Northwest Indiana you may be wondering how we got to this point. That’s an excellent question because we were started only back in 2001. We now have almost 2 decades of experience providing high-quality custom-built homes, and we were founded by two brothers. We were founded by Rim and Dar, two brothers with unique capabilities. One brother was an expert in engineering talented, and combined his talents with the other who was a talented educated designer. They decided they can combine their two passions into one a great company that can provide people with Indiana with the highest quality most beautifully designed and constructed homes available.

That’s essentially how Newcastle Homes got their start, and we are still owned and operated by these two brothers today. So if you’re trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders, the come and talk to us to see what we can do based off of passionate owners, a passionate staff and crew, and also a company that is a well-established and experienced with almost 2 decades of experience.

See the difference right away whenever you come to us while trying to Find Northwest Indiana Home Builders. The history of the two brothers founded us and their two passions come together to create quite an incredible product. You can see it with your own two eyes that are homes are incredibly well-designed and creative and utilizing the latest and newest designs in the homes we built. On top of that utilizing the engineering skills brought forth by one of the founders, we also make sure that we provide incredible design supported by fantastic high-quality construction. We the highest quality materials the best cruise to make sure you get the overall best results and a home is only unique and beautiful and functional but also exactly what you want utilizing our design process that has more combinations and possibilities anybody else.

And over time, our founding fathers have continually implement better and better incentives over time until now we’ve created and no-brainer situation with looking for a custom-built home at an incredible value. That is because they have instituted free estimates whenever you come and talk to us because we value your time more than ours, and we don’t charge you for our time to tell you how much is going to cost get the home of your dreams. We provide free estimates and we can design something to fit your budget. We also offer you an on time guarantee and on budget guarantee for the construction process that is also provided free with zero loans and no construction financing needed. And then we also going to free cover patio for you.

So where we are today reflects the history of our company and our founding fathers, if you’re interested in the kind of homes that we can produce for you, the know hesitate to reach out to us anytime by calling us and scheduling that free estimate at 219-281-6161 and if you want to find out even more information go to the website at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com find tons of other great information resources there.