A lot of times custom home builders do not have an extensive about us page. This can often leave you wondering just who you are going to do business with. We want to make sure you know exactly who we are, and why we are the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

First, let us introduce ourselves, we are a brother team founded in Indiana in 2001. As a team, we complement each other in both our skills and innovation. Rim has excelled in creating innovative kitchens as well as unique bathrooms, and he is also produced stunning layouts with effortless flow and functionality. Dar earned his mechanical engineering degree in 1992 and spent the next nine years as an accomplished engineer. It is with our combined talent that we’ve created Newcastle Homes and through hard work and dedication have become the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

It’s been over 17 years since our founding in Schererville, Indiana. And throughout this history, we have continually built custom homes that have inspired designs that have added to the loveliness of their surroundings. We are always doing our best to try and learn and improve our construction methods and techniques so that we can deliver the best possible finished product to all of our homeowners. We work diligently to remain up to speed with any changing market trends, seeking to build trendsetting layouts with eye-catching styles of architecture. We know the satisfaction of our client is the bottom line, which is why most people say we are the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

We rely on high-quality materials, honesty, trustworthiness, and diligence to get our job done. These qualities are what make us a leading firm for home innovation, as well as a standalone construction and design business in Northwest Indiana as well as Chicago regions. Building a home is all about listening to our clients and gaining a deeper understanding of what their real needs are and designing a product to enhance their daily lives as a result. These are all that building a home is about. We know that our clients deserve a superior home that is not built overnight, however, built promptly. While we know we cannot build these extraordinary homes overnight, we still guarantee that we will be on-time and on budget.

We know that this is, of course, a to take in, however, we want to make sure that you understand that we also offer no construction loans as well as a free covered patio. You can give us a call today at 219-281-6161 or visit northwestindianahomebuilders.com to get your free estimate today. We know that one should take a look at what we have been able to build, you will be blown away with the quality and innovation that we have. There is no doubt in our mind that we will be able to build your dream home for you, at a budget that works, and a timeframe that works.

Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders | Why Was Newcastle Homes Created?

Here at Newcastle Homes, we are passionate about design and construction. We wanted to create an industry-leading custom building and design firm, and to strive and produce the homes that our clients are dreaming of. As a team of brothers, Rim and Dar founded Newcastle Homes in 2001. Together they came up with the essence of Newcastle Homes, which is the art of building well. They were inspired and wanted to be the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

Since their founding over 17 years ago in Indiana, they have continually built custom homes with inspired designs that have added to the loveliness of their surroundings. They are always trying to learn and improve their construction methods as well as their techniques so they can deliver the best possible finished products to their homeowners. They work diligently to remain up to speed with the changing market trends as well as seek to build any trendsetting layouts that have eye-catching styles and architecture. They know that as long as they can keep on top of these things, they will end up being the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

At Newcastle Homes, the satisfaction of the client is our bottom line. We rely on the highest quality materials, as well as honesty, trustworthiness, and diligence to get the job done. We will never make false promises or offer unachievable solutions, we aim to provide honest assessments of any building abilities as well as client goals. We know that as long as we do this as well as keep our goals in mind, we will inevitably be the best Northwest Indiana homebuilders.

We built Newcastle Homes to take pride in our ability and passion for designing and constructing homes. We take pride in the ability to deeply understand what our customers wish to achieve in their home, and take those goals and turn them into even better outcomes. We make sure that our services take you through the building process every step of the way. We also offer in-house comprehensive interior design guidance, provide a level of customization that will make your home stand out. While the protocols and regulations of the industry are constantly changing and involving, we make sure that our process takes the guesswork out of attaining any permits, working with contractors, managing construction staff, and even dealing with inspectors and ensuring that all work is being done and upholds all strict quality standards.

We make sure that all of our clients can use our mobile app, which allows them to organize and track materials, as well as design selections and effortlessly communicate with our team. While homes on instruction have evolved over the years, some times production builders still repeat several homicides thousands of times. We make sure that we customize every plan to suit our clients along with what’s on trends as well as putting our unique signature on the home. We are ready to take on your dream home project today, so give a call at 219-281-6161 or visit northwestindianahomebuilders.com.