As a company of a team of experienced brothers, we know that design is very important and we make sure that all of our lumber and raw materials are being used to transform into things of beauty. We want to make sure that from every corner of every room there is a function for whatever you need. We won’t to make sure that every aspect of the house lives the way it is needed for you and your family. Because we know that the interior is just important as the exterior of the house, as well as the high standard that we hold ourselves to, we know we are the best Northwest Indiana homebuilders.

We know that our clients demand the capability of customizing their homes to suit their family’s particular needs and lifestyles to the highest degree. Because of this, we make sure that it is always a high priority that we take into account all of the different aspects of your life and make sure that we build a home that will work for many years to come. To meet this market demand and facilitate a more efficient building process, we offer an in-house design service. We know that out of all of our competition, we are the only ones who do this. Which is arguably one of the main reasons that we are the best Northwest Indiana Homebuilders.

We have seen that many times outside designers do not offer the ability to even look at the designs in a comprehensible 3D format. This is another great advantage to our design service because we allow our clients to work with our designers face-to-face, in real-time and make changes live in 3D rather than just looking at a flat blueprint drawing trying to imagine everything in their head. In our research, we found that people who are looking for the best Northwest Indiana home builders, are looking for this kind of customization.

Now while our team may have a background in interior design, we know not everyone does. So we are going to guarantee that our design services include us help you choose a good initial floorplan that not only meets you are spatial but also your budget and life needs. We will always make time to specifically design the exterior front of your home to ensure that the curb appeal of the home matches your vision and your expectations. On top of all of us, we will also select all of the colors, materials, and decorative details that will be used on both the interior and exterior of your dream home.

Using Newcastle Homes takes the guesswork out of the few can figure out how to make everything match inside and outside of your house. We will help make your dream a reality, and make sure that you love every single aspect of your new home. We will make sure that we will be able to meet every single one of your expectations and even exceed them. We are ready to take on the new challenge, and privilege, to build your dream house today. So give us a call at Indiana builders number or visit to contact us today.

Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders | Who Is The Best Person For Your Home Project?

At Newcastle Homes, we know that making your dream home is one of the things you have been looking forward to the most. We know that this new home of yours needs to meet all of your needs for you and your family. The question then remains, how do we find the best Northwest Indiana home builders? By doing a simple Google search you’re going to find a lot of different custom home builders, however, we know that we are going to be able to not only meet but exceed your expectations to the stars.

In the process of building a new home, we know that the whole process is about listening to our clients and gaining a deeper understanding of what they need and being able to design a home and product that will be able to enhance their daily lives. We know that we will never make a false promise, whether that comes to offering solutions, or even a timeline for building your home. We know that some homebuilders will try and make all grace claim about how fast they can get it done, however, that never comes to fruition. Because we know that we have an on-time and on-budget guarantee, we know that we will be the best Northwest Indiana home builders for you.

When you decide to custom build your dream home, you need to know that your building is in good hands. You need to make sure that whoever is going to be responsible for making the place that you are going to spend your life for the next several long years is going to be keeping your best interest at heart. When you partner with us as Newcastle Homes, you get to work with a proven building and design firm with years of practice fact by years of industry experience and expertise. We will make sure that we make a home that works for you. Due to our promises as well as our highly rated reviews we know that we are by far the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

With our client-centered approach, we make sure that we have a bunch of beautiful lots available in gorgeous wooded subdivisions, such as Copper Creek and Crownpoint, the preserves in St. John, and others. We make sure that all of our homesites are in the best neighborhoods and the best school districts. We can also build your new home on your lot or property. With our access to the industry-leading design and current construction technologies, all of our clients can have access to the best tools for visualizing their dream homes. With our 3D custom home designs, it allows our clients the ability to virtually walk to their new home before it is built to make any changes that they need.

While our main service areas are Lake and Porter counties of Indiana, we do still help some of the greater Chicago area. We can do this using our online construction software, which allows our clients the ability to review and make selections remotely. This also allows them to see a financial summary of the project costs to help keep an eye on that budget. So when you are ready to start the process to build your dream home, give us a call at 219-281-6161 or visit our website to get in contact with us today.