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The Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders are a dime a dozen. This is what always recommend reach out to the highest rated and reviewed in the industry here at Newcastle Homes. You’ll be hard-pressed find another company is able to go above and beyond nor delivery amazing service for you and your family. If you have never thought about custom for, I encourage you to think about it. After all why would you want a boring cookie cutter home when you could build a custom one for almost the exact same. Practicing outcome custom can be as successful as you make a. You can make extremely expensive or very affordable. It is up to you. If you like to move forward getting signed up at Newcastle Homes, I urge you to visit our website first. On website you will see many different services we offer as well as a gallery of some of our more recent homes we built. You’ll find a website at Or feel free to give our customer care call today at 1 (219) 281-6161.

There’s no doubt my mind whenever you sign up at Newcastle Homes you have indeed signed up with the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders here in the state. This is because they have over 17+ years of experience and are constantly going above and beyond to make sure your home is built to your exact specifications and desires. But if we first come out to your home or lot of land where you are going to build, we spent a decent amount of time just getting to know you. We want to build rapport in a wonderful working relationship with you. We also see exactly what it is you’re looking for in a custom home. Once you get a better idea of your lifestyle, likes and dislikes we will then design a wonderful custom home with you in mind. Will also give you free 3-D home design. This is a wonderful tool which you walk through your posts home we then change anything quite efficiently.

Just so you know the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders are found that one company one company only, that is of course Newcastle Homes. We guarantee to finish every single project on time and even better on budget. There many different contractors out there who never finish on time and on budget and therefore cost you more money. This is one thing we avoid like the plague. I guarantee we will be able to get in and out and you will be extremely blessed you took the time to give us a shot.

If you have any other questions comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We love a chance to sit down and speak with you a little further on what you envision in your custom home. As you know you can do anything and everything that you want to custom home. You make it is complex or as simplistic and minimalistic as possible.

So if you’re ready to move forward with the highest rated and reviewed custom homebuilder here in Indiana, then you have come to the right place here Newcastle Homes. We love a chance to get to meet you and start designing your custom home today. Give us a call at 1 (219) 281-6161 or simply visit our website nor to sign up today at

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Two brothers are the owners and operators of this Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders company, Newcastle Homes. While one brother focuses more on the construction Inc. construction management side, the other brother has an eye for design. But with their powers combined they are truly unstoppable. You will be extremely grateful that you signed up with the highest rated and reviewed in the industry. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today as we love an opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations. There’s not another company is able to do we do and our homes quality speak for themselves. To don’t get bamboozled by any other competitor in the industry, go with the very best here at Newcastle Homes. Give us a call at 1 (219) 281-6161 or visit us online at

I guarantee you are working with the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders in the industry here Newcastle Homes. For almost 2 decades we have been leading and revolutionizing the way custom homes are built. We work with you in order to construct a truly custom home that you will absolutely love your new home. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today and experience with the highest reviewed and rated in the industry. But don’t take my word for, I encourage you to do your own research. Going to Google right now start reading reviews left by many of our past clients see exactly what they have to say about dealing with Tesla Electric Company. I guarantee you will like what you see and feel more comfortable moving forward with our top-notch custom construction team.

Now that you know little bit more about the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders here at Newcastle Homes, I do encourage you to sign up today and take a free to are some of our model homes. I do want you to remember that model homes or simply just that, models or examples. These are wonderful tools that will give you an idea of the high-quality construction that we do. But remember that they custom home is custom to you in your liking. So whenever you take a tour of these model homes, make mental notes of what you like or don’t like. We then will be up to a wonderful 3-D home design for you to do a virtual walk-through in.

Right now we are offering a free To all of our clients sign up today. This is a wonderful way to enjoy your company site area and get out of the crazy weather we have here in Indiana. To you can enjoy time side watching the kids frolic in the yard and you can stay out of the sun. Or enjoy a nice warm fire staying out of the snow.

Whatever you’re looking for a custom home, guarantee will be able to deliver to you here Newcastle Homes. If you have any questions comments or concerns that are hindering you from signing up today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You may either give us a call at 1 (219) 281-6161 or visit us online for more information at