If you out for sending and you’re considering buying a home or even better yet building a new home, then you may want to get in touch with the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders. Here, Newcastle Homes, we have been building homes that we were building in designing custom-built homes for almost 20 years in Northwest Indiana. Time, we set of principles that guide our hand at Newcastle Homes everything we do. The core values here Newcastle Homes our trust, respect, and creativity. Trust and respect are crucial to any good business, that going off saying, but we want to focus on today is the fact that value that many people us right away is our creativity. Here, Newcastle Homes, we are very design focus and very passionate about design. It is a Newcastle Homes we love to be creative with the latest and newest design trends. Here at Newcastle Homes we firmly believe that if you dream it we can do it.

So here at Newcastle Homes is the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, we really believe in the creativity and the design because it’s our homes. Behave several design services that we go over whenever we build a Newcastle home and you. And since the design process to get quite complicated a custom-built home such as ours, then we try to make that we breakdown into manageable chunks. We have turned into a step-by-step process in which we need about once a week for anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks we help you design the home in every aspect from the for the plan, to the exterior design on down to the interior design as well you so wish.

So when it comes to the design of the home, here at the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, we also make sure that before we start building we provide you with a 3-D model of the home using state-of-the-art software that will allow you to walk through it with a virtual tour. It’s we can see exactly what the house is going to look like to make sure you love everything about it. And if you don’t, we can go through correct that and do it again refinance we make sure that we have exactly right before we start building it.

When it comes to the other core values of Newcastle Homes we also value trust and respect. We know that without our customer’s trust by making sure that we build quality homes every time and following through on everything that was they were going to do, then we are no good to anybody. We also want to make sure that we have every customer’s respect for many the same reasons. We really want you to believe in us and everything that we do.

You feel like our value speak to you and sending you to get behind you want to experience during your home building process to make sure you get touch with us at 219-281-6161 area straight to our website at any time at NorthwestIndianaHomeBuilders.com we can find a lot more information about Newcastle Homes and you can also reach out with any questions comments or concerns there as well be sure to check out the photo gallery and the customer testimonials for sure before you leave as well.

Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders | Nobody Has A Better Quality Design.

Here Newcastle Homes we are considered the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders because we do the best custom-built and certainly most well-designed homes in the Northwest Indiana area and possibly Indiana or beyond. Because we are not only a very custom home focus homebuilder, but we are also a very design home building company as well. The two founders of Newcastle Homes, two brothers one engineer and in the other were a designer. So not only do you get excellent quality design homes and well-constructed homes, but you also get the amazing design, and that’s what we get really passionate here Newcastle Homes. We love to be creative with the latest and newest design in the home ministry. We have developed an incredible design process and customization options in if you can dream it, we can do it.

When it comes to the design services at our Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, then you’ll see that we do better than anybody and since can get quite complicated during the design process because there is so much custom designing to do we can break down the process and amendable chunks in a step-by-step system in which we go through it one step at a time once a week for 4 to 6 weeks. First of all, were deft can help you choose the exact for a plan they want is going to be needs. We have a four plan that meets every budget and every family need. With the almost and endless option of four plans, we know that we can find the right one for you, and we also offer an amazing amount of customization options for your home as well.

And as the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, we also offer you some incredible innovation when it comes to the design of. We were you companies out there that can provide you state-of-the-art 3-D software that can take a virtual tour of your home before is everything bill. Once the design of your home is agreed on, we can provide you with a virtual tour the home she can see exactly what is going to look like when still if there’s any changes you made or anything that you don’t like, we can refine it until we get it right in that way we know exactly what your home is going to look like before we start building it.

We can also help you experience our amazing designs and custom-built houses by enticing you with some amazing no-brainer offers that you think about. First of all, we offer free covered patios to every homebuyer and in addition to that it comes to the construction financing of your home, that’s free as well. And importantly we also offer you an on-time guarantee and on-budget guarantee for everything one of our houses.

Seem to make sure you get in touch with today at 219-281-6161 or you visit the website at we can find tons of information about the company including where we come from designing the construction process. Make sure he also check out the customer testimonials and look through our photo gallery seeking to an amazing work we’ve done for others.