If you want to make sure that you are securing the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, whenever you decide to build your dream home, then you get touch with us here at Newcastle Homes. Here Newcastle Homes we are committed to providing you with the premier destination for anybody seeking a truly customize home here in Northwest Indiana that also seeking a better design process than the majority of the companies out there today. We are in fact, the highest and most reviewed customizable been around. Nobody competes with what we do because the only can they not compete with high quality homes that we produce that they also innovate and provide you with impeccable design like here either. They also can’t be with the design process here to make a better experience for customers in general and more enjoyable than any other company out there.

So here at Newcastle, the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, and we went make sure that you understand that he come to us anytime you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, and we will be oblige you and at the same time we can make sure that you experience the design process that is been refined over the last 20 years to provide you with the more enjoyable experience. That’s where a lot of custom home companies miss the mark is because they want to provide you with the process, but they want to make it comes process can be complex, and overwhelming to people who don’t do it as a career every day we do. And we want to make sure that from your perspective, is a better experience because we have managed to break it down into manageable chunks for you so that you can take it step-by-step, from helping you choose the for plan on up and helping you find designed to fit your budget.

Nobody else is committed to being innovative in design and engineering like we are as the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders. We make sure that we provide state-of-the-art home look better in for you anything else out there but also by better functionality any the competition. We also make sure that we commit to high-quality construction as well. Would make sure that we use only the highest quality materials and the highest quality appliances want to make sure you get not only the most unique most highly customize home that you could ever ask for but is also incredibly well built and is going to last you for a lifetime.

Also, nobody Gives better incentives than anybody else and they know they can count on us to be on time and on budget with their construction because we guarantee it. We have an on time and on budget guarantee for construction and we also provide you with the construction financing for free. We also will go ahead for you and on top of that whenever you’re ready, come and talk to provide our estimates for free so don’t shy away.

If this is the kind of service that you want from a custom home building company, the delay a coming in contact with us today by calling us 219-281-6161 or if you like always go to the website for putting nation like customer testimonials FAQs and much more at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.

I Need Nothing But The Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders


If you’re searching for the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders, then you want to come directly to Newcastle Homes. That’s because Newcastle Homes is the highest and most reviewed custom home building experience in Northwest Indiana. Nobody does better than we do and we are known as the premium destination for anybody seeking a custom-built home here or a home in general. We’re going to provide you with not only the most customized home that you could ever ask for, but we also provide you with a better design process and a better experience from start to finish by providing you with a 100% dedication to customer service. We believe that if you can dream it, we can do it, and that’s because we are very passionate about what we do, and we loved be creative with the latest and newest design trends and without being the challenge such as indoor sports courts which is one of the many things and the many challenges that we have faced from previous clients.

The thing that really sets us apart here is the quality of our construction, and the process we provide and that’s what makes us the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders. First of all we would look at the design process. Were other several custom-built companies falter is the fact that they provide a design process that is complex and stressful. Here at Newcastle Homes, we strive to make sure that our process is better and more enjoyable. We have over two decades of experience in building custom homes in providing this custom built design process, and we learned how to refine it and improve it every year and we have come up with a process that is simpler, and easier to digest by breaking it up and manageable chunks and smaller steps. We can help you pick out a four plan and step-by-step from that point forward to help you find the design that fit your budget and is exactly what you want.

We also want to make sure the people understand we are completely committed to providing you with far and away the best quality homes as well. Want to make sure that to be the Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders here providing you with the highest quality construction utilizing the highest quality parts and components including appliances that are completely stainless still, long-lasting trusted brands that are going to give you a perfect home to live in. Not only in the construction but also in the design, which we take a great care pride in by providing you you with unique designs and the most up-to-date engineering methods.

And for this in the cake we also want to make sure that we provide you with better incentives anybody else whenever you come to see us here at Newcastle Homes, we can he be free estimates and beyond that incentives keep rolling in. Were also can provide you with a custom 3-D home design free to take a virtual tour of your home before commit the construction and then once we get to that point your construction financing will be free with Newcastle Homes. We also throw in a free cover patio for good measure.

So if you’re interested in a different experience in a better experience whenever it comes to getting a custom-built home is going to be your dream home here Northwest Indiana, the know hesitate to reach out to us to make that happen calling us at 219-281-6161 we go directly to our website to find all this information and more as was reach out to us with your contact information and you need to let us know you’re interested at northwestindianahomebuilders.com.