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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Here at Newcastle homes, they have been passionate about their design and home construction for over 18 years. They are the industry leading custom home construction and design firm, that never stop striving to produce the highest quality homes for their clients lifestyles. Newcastle homes take a proactive stance with their customers they take time to get to know your clients and actually listen to the wants and needs of those clients. Unlike many other construction company who do not take the customers input when they are constructing new homes. They are the best Northwest Indiana home builders, and continue to keep that claim of every home they construct. Their company understands that beauty is in the details and they meticulously worked to create the highest quality standard in homes in the industry.

Their core values are made up of reactivity, respect and trust, this is a true foundation on which all of their high-end, custom home built. They operate their business in the Chicago and Northwestern Indiana region. But don’t fret if you live outside of the greater Chicago or northwestern Indiana area and are looking to move to this area, Newcastle homes be able to work remotely with you there industry leading construction online software. Giving them the ability to work with you even if your states away. This is truly revolutionizing the way construction companies operate in this is just one of the reasons Newcastle homes is the best Northwest Indiana homebuilders.

Back in 2001 brothers rim and dar created Newcastle homes. While rim has the eye for design and overall function and paired with Dar and his engineering geared mind. This is created a perfect team that have both they Know how and attention to details to constructed beautifully and well-crafted custom homes. For over 17 years, Newcastle has been building extraordinary custom home was greatly inspired interior and exterior design, thus making them the best Northwest Indiana home builders around. They are extremely customer oriented and their bottom line is complete and utter satisfaction of their, they work for you and not the other way around. They take the legwork at many things most construction companies
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. They will deal with procuring all the necessary paperwork including permits, managing and directing the construction crews, dealing with supervisors on the job, and talking with the state and building inspectors.

Newcastle is built on the pillars of using the highest quality materials around, earning your trust and building a relationship on honesty. These qualities make them one of the industry leading high-end custom home construction and design firms in the nation. In order to build a proper home for the customers needs and lifestyles, they take extra time to talk and discuss with what they envision their new home to be. When you choose Newcastle homes is your construction and design firm, you know you will be a superb hands and they will guide you through every step of the building and design process. They won’t let you wander and darkness as they help you like the way to your own newcastle custom home.

There really is no competition in regards to the high quality and attention to every single detail that goes into the home. So please visit their website or reach out to them via phone 219-281-6161, they can’t wait to get you into your dream home as soon as you’re ready!

Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders | Custom built homes that match your lifestyle.

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Newcastle custom built homes, design and construction firm, based in the greater Chicago and Northwestern Indiana area; bringing the highest quality standards for over 17 years in their pursuit to stay the best Northwest Indiana home builders. There is really nothing that they cannot accomplish and their attention to the fine details and constructing using the highest quality materials, will enable Newcastle homes to be to create your one-of-a-kind, highly customized home. So don’t fret and stress out about choosing the best construction company in the area, when you go with Newcastle homes you will be cared for through the whole design construction phases.

Newcastle homes has built their company on fostering between their customer and their construction team, they understand how pivotal to achieve success of a project that relationship can mean. Brothers rim and dar, provide extremely trustworthy and experience decision, which will offer you complete peace of mind that your home will be built by the best construction and design company in the area. Newcastle home realizes how big an investment your home is and will work for this week to help create your dream home that fits both your needs and lifestyle, lasting you and your family for many years to come.

They can builds on your lot or property in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana area. But they also have beautiful subdivisions around the area. Copper Creek Inc. and that preserves St. John, just to name a few of the luxuries neighborhoods. These neighborhoods boast some of the best districts region. What makes Newcastle homes the best Northwest Indiana home builders? Well many things culminate to create a powerhouse in the design and construction industry. They use extremely advanced and innovative rendering techniques, that let the customer to see their home in all its splendor using their innovative 3-D rendering software. This gives customer the ability to be able to view and do a virtual walk-through to their new home, before construction even begins.

Newcastle homes creates a 3-D models not only for the customer to be able to see exactly how their home layout will fill, but also in order for them to catch any issues in the design build way ahead of time, the saving the customer and the company time and money in constructing your wonderfully built new custom home. There is no other construction company in the area that utilize this type of technology. Further showing why Newcastle home is constantly striving to build the best and highest quality custom homes in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area.

Their main construction service areas are based in Porter and Lake County Indiana, US. They offer revolutionary online construction software, giving their customers the ability to be able to make selection and review the design and financial standing and real-time. Newcastle entire construction process can be completed with two visit with NewCastle homes. Your search is over, you have found the best construction and design company in the area. They are eagerly awaiting your call at 219-281-6161 or jump on the website to view the beautiful gallery or read several testimonies from extremely satisfied past clients.