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This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

Newcastle homes has bringing the highest and best quality customize homes to their clients for over 18 years. They strive to create wonderful works of art that are truly unique and designed specifically with the customer in mind. Over the past 18 years, Newcastle homes has had the opportunity to build over 100 highly customized homes for their clients and strive to make it as painless of a process as possible. They are the best Northwest Indiana home builders around, but they don’t rest on their laurels and they strive to continue to grow and learn every day. If you visit their website videos read past clients testimonials and reviews, their main goal is to have 100% satisfied customers and this keeps them pushing to stay the best homebuilders in the area.

How does Newcastle homes run and manage their design and construction process is so smoothly? They for the use of a state-of-the-art online scheduling and selection software. This includes the ability to access the website remotely and you can stay up-to-date throughout the construction or design phases. This helps the client be able to stay on track financially and will make all decision-making extremely easy such as material and style selections they go in to your highly customized how. This also keeps Newcastle homes accountable and effectively communicates more smoothly with their customers and with their team members.

Newcastle homes is the best Northwest Indiana home builders and it is extremely evident when you see how they treat their customers and how beautiful their homes turn out once construction is completed. There truly is no other construction company like this in the area or the nation. Homes also use a state-of-the-art 3-D viewer application, which gives their customers the ability to review their in a 3-D model. Successfully removing all of the guesswork that happens when you build off a 2-D blueprint, like the majority of custom home builders around. They offer his amazing benefits to their customers and this helps them be able to visualize their home in a greater depth and with better accuracy than traditional 2-D blueprints.

Newcastle homes understands when it comes to visualizing for their customers their new custom-built homes. So that’s why they decided to start using a one-of-a-kind 3-D rendering model software. This gives their customers the ability to not only see how the colors and styles work together, but also give them different perspectives on how there who will lay out and look once construction is completed. It gives much better insight for both the customer and in return Newcastle homes, because they will be able to more effectively communicate with you. There is a reason they are the best Northwest Indiana home builders. Using this 3-D technology they can at every detail into the model, giving an idea of how your furniture will fit your new home, or the way the colors will mesh cohesively together, or how the terrain of the outdoor landscape will make your property come for life and work with the elements.

There’s no other construction and design firm in Northwest Indiana, that matches up with the attention to detail in the customer centered mentality here at Newcastle homes. They truly are a one-of-a-kind, and will strive to deliver the highest quality and standard of custom homes. So please visit their website please reach out to them at 219-281-6161 and get started working towards your dream home today.

Best Northwest Indiana Home Builders | 3D rend will Newcastleered models will.

This content was written for Newcastle Homes.

What makes the best Northwest Indiana home builders? Well there are several factors that make Newcastle homes the best around, their attention to every detail, their ability to listen and decipher what their customers want, and their use of new and updated construction software effectively giving their customers the ability to manage their home remotely. Traditionally most construction companies will give you a 2D blueprint, which is extremely hard to read unless you are familiar with construction blueprints. Newcastle homes realizes this and have implemented a new 3-D rendering model software, thus giving their clients the ability to do virtual walk around in their new dream home well before construction even breaks ground.

The 3-D models will allow Newcastle Homes clients the ability to visualize there floor plan and be able to see how their material and color selection works together in their new dream home. These virtual walk-throughs take these three models to brand-new level. You can virtually walk through the inside and outside of your home and will be of the visualize exactly what all look like once construction is completed. Remember the old days when wishing a room was built differently, well that’s a thing of the past. Another huge benefit of creating these 3-D render models is that it often leads the Newcastle homes proved to be able to identify and correct issues with design and course selection of materials. Which this’ll save the customer and Newcastle homes money and time in the long run. Being able to effectively outcome correct the issue way before construction begins. Just another reason why Newcastle home is the best Northwest Indiana home builders.

Each and every new customized dream homes come with a 3-D model. Newcastle ensures that their clients before satisfied their house. This is a new technology in the industry many clients have never experienced software the majority of other homebuilders will not offer this benefit. This gives an immense amounts of understanding on what Newcastle homes clients desire, but you extreme value in order to deliver exactly the customer envisions. There is no other home design and construction company like Newcastle homes, they are the best Northwest Indiana home builders around.

Newcastle homes will begin your 3-D rendering for building starts, thus give Newcastle homes the time to make whatever changes you deem necessary. Effectively save time and money, instead of making changes made construction and pushing back the budget and delivery date. This usually takes around eight weeks after starting the design phase. This instills that new castles client will have a greater level of confidence that their house will be built exactly as expected. Spending around 30 to 40 hours, Newcastle they can produce a full working 3-D model of your custom home blueprint. While they value your time, Newcastle homes will need around 4 to 8 hours of your input and then they run with the ball and take care of all rest. Yes that’s right only 4 to 8 hours and you will be able to receive your dream home blueprint and 3-D model.

There really is no other competition in the area and Newcastle homes is the best Northwest Indiana home builders. So please stop what you’re doing and reach out to 219-281-6161 via Newcastle or hop on the website They can’t wait to start designing and building your dream home for you today!