Newcastle Homes—The Art of Building Well

At Newcastle Homes, we are passionate about design and construction. As an industry-leading custom building and design firm, we strive to produce the homes of our client’s dreams.   

We know the importance of listening to the desires of the homeowner.  Our company believes in the beauty of the details. We work carefully to incorporate client-specific architectural elements, color choices, and textures. Each home we build is energy efficient and tailor-made to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our core values of trust, respect, and creativity are the real foundation to all of our custom homes. We do business in the greater Chicago and Northwestern Indiana regions.  We offer out of town clients the ability to view, manage and interact with their projects remotely using our online software. For our clients that live in Chicago, we offer the capability of meeting you at our remote office located in the city.

Who We Are

Northwest Indiana Custom Home Builders, brothers Rim, and Dar founded Newcastle Homes in 2001. The team of brothers compliments each other in skills and innovation. Rim’s zeal for design and function, along with Dar’s engineering mind, perfectly encapsulates the essence of Newcastle Homes—“the art of building well.”

With industry experience dating back to 1993, Rim’s luxury home and condominium designs produced stunning layouts with effortless flow and functionality. Rim excelled in creating innovative kitchens and unique bathrooms.  After earning his degree in mechanical engineering in 1992, Dar spent the next nine years as an accomplished engineer. It is their combined talent that created the unique vision of Newcastle Homes and fostered their ability to produce state of the art homes with one of a kind designs.

Since our founding over 17 years ago in Schererville, Indiana, Newcastle Homes has continually built custom homes with inspired designs that add to the loveliness of their surroundings. We always are trying to learn and improve our construction methods and techniques to deliver the best possible finished product to our homeowners. Our firm works diligently to remain agile with changing market trends, seeking to build trendsetting layouts with eye-catching styles and architecture.

The satisfaction of the client is our bottom line. We rely on pillars of high-quality materials, honesty, trustworthiness, and diligence to get the job done. These qualities are what make Newcastle Homes a leading firm for home innovation, and a stand-alone construction and design business in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago regions.  

The Newcastle Homes Design and Build Experience

To us, building a new home is about listening to our clients to gain a deep understanding of their real needs and designing a product to enhance their daily lives. Our clients know that a superior home is not built overnight. They share our respect for meticulous, honest craftsmanship, and our belief in the extreme importance of well-constructed homes built from the highest quality materials.

Newcastle Homes will never make false promises or offer unachievable solutions. We provide honest assessments of building capabilities and client goals, with the assurance that we will work to create the most cost-effective plan for your home.

Our Client-Centered Approach

We understand that the relationship between the client and their building firm is pivotal to the success of a project. We work to provide trustworthy, experience-backed decision making, offering you the peace of mind that your home is indeed built by the best, and for the best.

When you choose to custom design a new home, you need to know that your build is in good hands. By partnering with Newcastle homes, you get to work with a proven building and design firm with practices backed by years of industry experience and expertise. We want your build experience to work for you.  

We have many lots available in beautiful, wooded subdivisions such as Copper Creek in Crown Point, The Preserves in St. John, and others.   We have homesites in the best neighborhoods and the best school districts. We can also build on your lot or property.

Advanced Rendering and Innovative Technologies

With access to industry-leading design and construction technologies, our clients have the best possible tools for visualizing their dream homes. Our 3D custom home designs allow clients the virtual ability to walk through their new home before it is built. These simulated models include every detail of the completed home from the picture perfect view of the kitchen to aesthetic details on the exterior of the home. Our 3D renderings help to ensure our plans and designs are to the liking of the homeowners and allow us to make adjustments before breaking ground.

Newcastle Home’s main service areas are Lake and Porter counties of Indiana.  While using our online construction software, our clients have the ability to review and make selections remotely.  They are also able to see a financial summary of project cost to help keep an eye on the budget. The entire build process can be completed with as few as two on-site visits from the homeowners, which makes it possible for us to build for out of town clients.  We have experience managing home construction projects for clients that have lived as far away as California.

Step by Step Design and Construction Support

We take pride in our ability to deeply understand what our customers wish to achieve in their new home, and take those goals and turn them into even better outcomes. Our services take you through the build process every step of the way. We offer comprehensive interior design guidance, to provide a level of customization that will make your home stand out.

The protocols and regulations of our industry are constantly changing and evolving. The Newcastle Homes process takes the guesswork out of attaining permits, working with contractors, managing construction staff, dealing with inspectors and ensuring that all work being done upholds strict quality standards.  Through the use of our mobile app, our clients can organize and track materials and design selections and effortlessly communicate with the Newcastle Home’s team.

Home design and construction has evolved over the years.  In the past, and even still today, production builders repeat a limited number of home designs thousands of times.  A great example of that is what you see in old Chicago neighborhoods the style known as the bungalow. Yes, that was great then, but now, home building is evolved and become more sophisticated and efficient.

We customize each plan to suit our clients’ needs along with what’s on trend as well as putting our unique signature in the home that says “yes, that’s a Newcastle home and they are visionary builders”.

Design is very important, we take lumber and raw materials and transform them to a thing of beauty, spaces that have a  flow from room to room and function so the house lives the way you need it to for you and your family. We believe the interior of the house is just as important as the exterior of the house… After all, you see the exterior first!

The term curb appeal describes the impression that you get when you first pull up to a house and instantly feel an emotional connection.  Balance, symmetry, and proportion are, a very important part of curb appeal, as are architectural styles. There are many styles that fit well in the region in which we build.  Traditional, Craftsman, Tudor, Classical, and the recent and popular Urban Farmhouse. The balance of many homes is predicated on the use of details such as gables, the pitch of the roof, materials such as architectural shingles or standing seam metal roofs. We pay attention to the heights of windows, cladding on the exterior walls such as stone, brick, shake and board and batten features.   We can’t read our client’s minds, but we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to our clients and to carefully communicate with them in order to understand their needs, wants, desires and dreams.

When you hear someone talk about proportion there speaking about how all the elements of the home relate to one another.  Gables are the triangular feature on the front of the home, they give the home an inviting feeling, it’s like a parent awaiting their child with outstretched and wide open arms.

We pay attention to the interior flow of a room, the size, and how the rooms relate to one another.  Rooms need to have the proper proportions so when it’s time to furnish, the furniture unifies the space, and you feel a sense of comfort upon entering,  simply making rooms bigger is not always better. Furniture is built to a certain scale and when a room is too large, more furniture is added to “fill the empty spaces”.  Just throwing in more and more “stuff”, isn’t the answer. It is the proper use of size, texture, and color of details in the proper location for maximum effect. That extra space could have been used to create “special” spaces instead, that bring out one’s emotions that tug at your heart.

In our current world of smartphones and the ability to view pictures online, we have all become very visual.  As a result, one of those visual clues that we pay particular attention to, are sight-lines. As people enter our homes we want them to be able to see the back wall of the house or to be looking out a window in the rear of the home so they get a feeling that the space is open and free.  Often our clients comment that our homes feel and “live larger” than they really are. The details inside the home create the lasting impressions that people remember from the space. Creating those lasting impressions are especially important in rooms such as the foyer, family room, kitchen and master bedroom.  

A high priority that we take into account  is all the different aspects of our clients’ lifestyles to make sure that we build a home that will work for many years to come.  In order to meet this market demand and to facilitate a more efficient build process, we offer in-house design service. Commonly, outside designers do not offer the ability to look at the designs in a easily comprehensible 3D format.  Another great advantage to our design service is that clients can work with our designers on a real time basis, and view changes live and in 3D rather than just looking at a blueprint and trying to imagine the end result. Some of clients prefer a hands-off, turn-key design process where they allow us to use our creativity and ability to pick colors and textures.  In those cases we are happy to use our experience and creativity to craft beautifully finished homes. We are happy to work with our clients at any level of customization.

Our floor plan selection is nearly limitless since all of our homes are customized and modified to each client’s needs and desires.  As a starting point, we allow our clients to browse our extensive portfolio of plans and projects. We specialize in open floor plan designs, where the flow of the home is unrestricted, and the homes feel open, spacious and inviting.

Many of our clients ask us to build them a repeat of one of our floor plans, in these case, we will change the exterior of the home so that each project looks unique and not simply copied.

Other times we work to piece together aspects of multiple homes to get the perfect custom fit that will flow and work for our clients’ needs. Our clients are as unique as our designs.  Some of the clients prefer a hands-off, turn-key design process where they allow us to use our creativity and ability to pick colors and textures. In those cases, we are happy to use our experience and creativity to craft beautifully finished homes.

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