3D Renderings / Virtual Walkthroughs

Why is a 3D rendering valuable?  

It is often very difficult to visualize, in one’s mind’s eye, the complete look of a room or space, especially when working from a flat piece of paper.  A 3D rendered model of the home can allow our clients to see not only the colors and styles of their selections working together, but they can also formulate the feeling of the spatial relationships of each of the aspects of the home. For example the way that your furniture fits into the floor plan, the way the colors you have chosen with mesh together, are the entertainment centers of the home optimized, does the terrain of the lot allow for future outdoor enhancements to the property like pools and outdoor decks etc.

Why is a virtual walkthrough valuable?  

A virtual walkthrough takes the 3d rendered model to a whole new level.  Our virtual reality walkthrough can allow you to physically walk around inside the home and fully see the home as if it was already built.  The days of wishing that a room was built differently are gone. Walk through the house before it’s built to make sure it will be built just how you want it. These walkthroughs are very realistic and our clients enjoy the opportunity to experience what it would be like to walk through their dream home before the building process starts.   Another great aspect of creating a full virtual model is that during the creation of the model our team often finds issues with a design or design detail and gains the opportunity to sort them out before they become big headaches.

Is this included with the design process?  

Yes, we include this into every design process so that we can assure that the client will be fully satisfied with the home that we have built for them. This is a really new technology that most of our clients have not ever experienced and most other builders are not offering this benefit.  We gain a lot of understanding of what our client’s want by using this valuable tool as a check on what we intend to build as compared to the client’s vision.

At what stage of the process does this take place?  

The 3D rendering and virtual design session occurs before building starts to ensure that there is time to make the desired changes.  As the design process is wrapping up and we are ready to finalize the blueprints before construction starts. Usually about eight weeks after beginning the design process, our clients have the opportunity to walk through the home and ensure that all of the details discussed in the design process are as they imagined. This gives our clients a great level of confidence that their home will be just as they expected when complete.

How long does it take to create a 3D model?  

Our team spends about 30-40 hours to produce a full 3d model of a blueprint. The time spent during the design process with the client accounts for about 4-8 hours of the client’s time and our team takes care of all the rest.   During modeling, the team will occasionally reach out to the clients via email or by placing a phone call to enquire about possible details the previously were not discussed or noticed.

What are the precursors needed to create a 3D model?   

To create a 3D virtual model, we will first need to have the blueprint and floor plan of the home nearly complete.  Also, it is very helpful to have some general color schemes for the interior and exterior of the home, so that the model matches the client’s tastes. The more detail and information that we have at this stage, the more realistic the 3D model and virtual walkthrough will be.  Sometimes the virtual model helps our clients finalize some last-minute design ideas for their homes, such as help with choosing appliance styles and colors, patio and deck sizes, and how landscape features could impact the project. Some of our clients will have specific lighting requirements which can be addressed during the modeling stage, to aid in planning the amount and size of light fixtures need to illuminate a room comfortably.

Where can I see examples of what a 3D model will look like?  

During the initial meetings with our clients we show them various examples from previous projects to give them a good idea of what we are capable of building and a range of different floor plans that we offer. Typically, we show clients the models of their homes at our office.  We also occasionally use mobile software than can help clients picture the completed room design while standing in the home as it is under construction.

How do 3D models help clients to make decisions?  

A picture is worth a thousand words.  A virtual reality model could prove to be priceless.  Time, effort and money will be saved by verifying design aspects before they become set in stone. We also have model homes for our clients to tour if they want to take the walkthrough experience to the next level.  We have a number of homes under construction and any given time and can often physically show the clients what the various construction phases look like.

What equipment or software is needed to make these?   

We use special architectural software called, Chief Architect, which the interfaces with 3D game virtual reality software to render a 3D virtual reality model of the home that you can literally walk around in. The ability to actually walk around in the VR world is facilitated by a system known as six degree of freedom motion tracking.  The coolest aspect of the virtual walkthrough is that our clients utilize a virtual headset and motion tracking device to enter the virtual world of their new custom homes. This technology has been around for only a few short years. We have added this feature to our design process just in the last year. Our clients love it!

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